Nationwide train delays in India drop by 30% over the last 6 months

Train Delays

Special Report suggests Train Delay Index remains still high at 35 mins

Based on a comprehensive analysis done over the last 6 months across more than 2500 important train stations in India, reports that the nationwide Train Delay Average has fallen by nearly 30% since the start of the year 2016. However, the same analysis also reveals that the average National Train Delay Index still remains high at 35.03 minutes at the end of June 2016.

What is the Train Delay Index?

Our study considered more than one million trains’ running status data points each month, collected from train travelers boarding trains at various stations across the country. Our definition of Train Delay Index is based on the amount of time a traveller has to wait at a station for the arrival of the train beyond its scheduled arrival time.

It is important to point out here that the worldwide operating definition of Train Delay Index across the world, including Indian Railways, only considers the delay at its final terminating station. This means that if a train manages to reach its terminating station on time, despite being late at all other intermediate stoppages, the entire run is considered on-time. This explains why trains are given extra buffer time, either just before or close to their last stoppage, so as to help them complete an on-time run.

However, our study has considered delays at all intermediate stoppages where passengers board the train as we believe that considering delays at all the stoppages is a more realistic measure and reflects the train traveler’s view about the delay on their train journey.

Change in the Right Direction

We would like to congratulate the new ministry for putting the spotlight on the perennial train delays which travelers in India have always complained about! The improvement is significant and it seems like the efforts are showing results. However, it is a continuous improvement cycle and we are sure that Indian Railways would continue to control and bring the delays to an even more respectable level. Our study has highlighted areas which are chronic under-performers, and we suggest a bottoms-up approach which focuses specifically where severity of the problem is highest.

Key Train Delay Statistics

A. Top 5 States where average train delays are least (as of June 2016)

  • Gujarat (14 mins)
  • Tamil Nadu (19 mins)
  • West Bengal (23 mins)
  • Jharkhand (24 mins)
  • Karnataka (26 mins)

B. Top 5 States where average train delays are maximum (as of June 2016)

  • Bihar (61 mins)
  • Uttar Pradesh (55 mins)
  • Punjab (50 mins)
  • Goa (50 mins)
  • Telangana (38 mins)

C. Give the officials a pat for showing significant improvement over 6 months

  • Karnataka (56% reduction)
  • Haryana (52% reduction)
  • Delhi (45% reduction)
  • Punjab (38% reduction)
  • Uttar Pradesh (36% reduction)

D. Course correction needed – delays are increasing in these states

  • Tamil Nadu (12% increase)
  • Chhattisgarh (7% increase)
  • Orissa (5% increase)
  • Kerala (1% increase)


  1. Dear Team,

    Sanghamitra exp- 12296 from PPTA to MAS get delayed minimum 3-4 hrs everyday.
    Even though today 18-07-2016 i was travelling and its reached chennai at 4:50 PM but actual time was around 1 PM.
    Due to this train delayed i missed next train.

  2. Hi, more then three years I saw a train is delayed more then two hours it’s New Delhi islampur magadh express everyday delay more then 2 hours better railway change his time.
    Allahabad is a hub for delay all train are delayed here many time I see express train is stay on platform and good’s train is running out many railway staff told he take money under the table but were is railway ministry why not take any action.


  3. The concerned station authority , the pilots of the trains and the concerned DRMs should be held responsible for train delays. The passengers should be compensated in case of inordinate delays. The Railway Ministry should study the operations of train running in developed countries.

  4. Last Thursday I had to board train from Kuttippuram to Kannur on an emergency situation. I checked 12617 Mangala Lakshadweep exp and found that train will be arriving at 01.33 pm. But even at 1.45 PM the status was train has arrived at Shoranur at 01.30 PM. Even at 2.15 it was the same status. After arriving at Kuttippuram at 2.30 PM the train stopped at Thirunavya where it had no stop for about 20 minutes for unknown reason. It is very sorry to say that this train is a superfast one which has lot of stops.

  5. It is observed that every train running on Mumbai – Vadodara line always reaches Surat at least 5 minutes late due to unscheduled stop to facilitate liquor trafficking.

  6. Hi, till now I haven’t experienced any positive changes in train delays. Almost same situation remains. It us a struggle for every train traveller. Trains are always late by 7,8 to 12 hours and even more than this. Last time my train 12505 North East Express, whose arrival time was at 17:25 on 3rd July at NJP, arrived late by 2 hours at 19:20 hrs. Train reached at Delhi 02:30 hrs on 5th Jul after being late by 7 hrs 10 minute. So, I hope govt can solve this train’s delays which causes problems for the aam janta. Instead of running New trains such as GATIMAN EXPRESS and TELGO TRAINS, old trains have to be run on time.

  7. 13008 Sriganganagar – Howrah train is late by 5 years on our route. Patna – Howrah train is late everyday by minimum 5 to 7hours. Please solve our problems.

  8. Our honourary rail minister Suresh Prabhu is doing a good job and making an honest and serious attempt so that trains run on time. We should expect more improvement in near future.

  9. Sir,
    Train no: 12137 PUNJAB MAIL from Mumbai central to Ferozpur is delayed everyday at the New Delhi station. I hope the delay problems of this will be solved soon.

  10. Hi, Regarding train no. 12487 Seemanchal Exp, this train reaches Mughalsari Sarai on right time mostly. But after that this train starts running late on daily basis. It reaches Anand Vihar late by 5 to 7 hours. So, its my humble request to change the time of this train or manage the schedule we face lots of problems. When we reach Anand Vihar it’s neither night nor morning.

  11. I think this graph is on paper only.A train from Guwahati to Jammu train no.15653 never runs less than 4 hours late,where is Mr.Railway minister and his officials who says late graph is decreasing.They pat their back on the basis of some trains but on mass level nothing is changed. Through your communication i would like to request the concerning people to look after matter deeply.

  12. 12312 KLK DLI HWH Mail average delayed by 3 hrs to 5 hrs on daily basis between Allahabad and Mughalsarai section. I hope these problem will be solve as soon as possible.

  13. Delays have not decreased, they have increased. Delays happen regularly and it is a big and major problem area needing improvement.


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