5 Secret beach destinations in Gujarat

Gujarat beaches

By Ranjani Sastry

With a 1600 KM spanning Arabian Sea coastline, the beautiful state of Gujarat boasts of the longest coastline in India! Though a typical Gujarat tourism itinerary is largely confined to visiting those historical places or tasting the unique local cuisine, but if you want to venture beyond the beaten trail than you have to consider a trip to the beautiful beaches in Gujarat! As expected, with such a long coastline, Gujarat consists of many hidden coastline jewels. Though some of the beaches are not among the popular tourist places in Gujarat yet, but they have the potential to become star attractions of Gujarat tourism in the immediate future. So, let us give you a list of the best (and yet unexplored) beaches in Gujarat.




#1: Tithal Beach

Tithal Beach

Situated in the Valsad town of Gujarat, Tithal Beach is well known for its black sand. One of the rare beaches in India to possess this unique colour of sand. The beach is well known among the locals and usually remains crowded on weekends and national holidays. Tourists can sit on the rocks bordering the sea and enjoy the waves splashing water on their face. Tithal Beach is also filled with various activities. There is an amusement park for the kids, while grown-ups can enjoy horse and camel rides on the beach. One can also take a joyride in a motor boat to the nearby islands.

  • Tip: The restaurants on the beach offers delightful food. Do taste some of their Dabeli, Bhajiya, sweet corn baked on charcoal and Bhel Chaat.

#2: Mandvi Beach

Mandvi Beach

Next, we turn our attention to the Kutch district of Gujarat. Mandvi beach is a peaceful and tranquil place with not much crowds. This gives the travellers ample opportunities to experience the sombre environment of this beach. The beach is lined with plenty of trees and the beach front glistens with golden sands. If you seek some adventure activities, then Mandvi Beach will not disappoint you. There are plenty of water-sports opportunities at this beach. If you happen to visit Mandvi during winter months, you can even catch a glimpse of the Flamingos!

  • Water-sports charges: INR 100 for boating, INR 200 for Jet Ski, INR 100 for Speed Boats.
  • Tip: Mandvi beach is decorated beautifully during the Rann Utsav and will win your heart with its colour.

#3: Dandi Beach

Dandi Beach

Now, here is a beach that holds great significance in the history of India. Remember Mahatma Gandhi’s Dandi March where he broke the Salt tax law imposed by the British government. That March culminated right at this beach. Mahatma Gandhi made salt at this beach as a part of his non-violent protest. Even today the beach front is decorated with a couple of monuments honouring Mahatma Gandhi. Otherwise, the Dandi Beach has an amazing environment. With clear blue waters, breeze gently blowing past and the waves coming and going at intervals, this beach offers a truly relaxing experience. No matter when you turn up at the beach, you will find enthusiastic people playing beach volleyball or Frisbee at the beach.

  • Tip: While visiting the Dandi Beach do checkout the Samarpan Ashram, situated close by. The Ashram offers meditation sessions.

#4: Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach

Contrary to your first impression, we are still talking about beaches in Gujarat! It is easy to confuse this beach with the famous Chowpatty Beach of Mumbai. But this beach is situated in the historical city of Porbander. Porbander is popular as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. This city is also a famous stoppage when travelling between Veraval and Dwarka towards Somnath. The Chowpatty Beach is a very peaceful place with a grand walkway. The beach is well maintained and offers a scenic view of the sea. But the beauty of this beach increases during the sunset hours. You can view tangy sun setting beyond the horizon as well as enjoy the views of those remote fishing boats.

  • Tip: There are many quality eateries near the beach that serve mouth-watering Gujarati snacks. Do care to taste them.
  • Shopping: The shops near Chowpatty Beach are great places to shop for some souvenirs as well as authentic Gujarati handloom items.

#5: Chorwad Beach

Chorwad Beach

Chorwad is a sleepy little fishing village situated near Somnath. There is an interesting story associated with this beach. It is believed that Mohabat Khan, the Nawab of Junagarh, on one of his tours through the kingdom landed at this hamlet. He was soon impressed by the beauty and weather of this Arabian Sea beach. He decided to build a summer retreat at Chorwad to beat the heat of Junagadh. The Junagadh Palace, situated on the shores of Arabian Sea was built in 1930s and is one of the prime attractions of a tour to Chorwad Beach. Talking about the beach, it is lined with casuarinas and the waters are ideal to spend some time swimming. There is a special swimming area at the Chorwad Beach for the tourists too. You can also enjoy horse rides while at this beach.

  • Beware: Chorwad in local language means sinking sand. There are many places near the seashore where the sands are unpredictable. So, traverse with caution.

Hope we have been able to give you plenty of great options for your next beach tour of Gujarat.


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