5 must have delicacies to color up your Holi

Holi Food

Bags filled with perky colors and water guns loaded with mischief. Ah, thats what Holi is all about! It is that time of the year when you get immersed in the festive shades. But Holi is best enjoyed when the fun is preceeded by some special delicacies. Different regions celebrate this festival of colors in their own way, but food is always an integeral part. Be it gujiya or thandai, no one could ever escape the charm of these local delights. So, to satiate your tastebuds, we bring some of the must have Holi delicacies from across the country. Now, RailYatri gives you a chance to taste many local delights even as you take a train journey through these states. You can order these local delights through the RailYatri app and have them delivered at your train seats.

Gujiya from Uttar Pradesh


This is the star food delight of Holi! Gujiya is sweet dumplings made of maida, filled with delightful khoya & dry fruit and then deep fried in ghee or vegetable oil. Hosting a Holi party is incomplete in Uttar Pradesh without this delicacy.

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Puran Poli from Maharastra

Puran Poli

A heavenly delight, Puran Poli is a flaky crust, filled with stuffed chana dal and jaggery drizzled with ghee. This delicacy is a must have during holi festivities in Maharastra.

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Bhang Badam Burfi from West Bengal

Bhang Badam Burfi

Holi without bhaang is impossible and so bhaag burfi is a must try when you happen to be in and around West Bengal during Holi. Bhang burfi is nothing but barfi intoxicated with bhaang and topped with almonds. The best variety is available with the Tewari Brothers Sweets. This is a tasty treat to celebrate festive zeal.

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Paal Payasam from Kerala

Pal Payasam

Paal Payasam is a simple yet classic Kerala delight made on almost all festive occasions. This easy-to-cook delicacy from South India will surely steal your heart with its delicious taste and rich aroma.

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Kanji Vada from Rajasthan

Kanji wada

Amidst all that oily food and desserts you consume during the Holi festivities, Kanji Vada helps improve your digestive system. Specially prepared among the Rajasthani families, Kanji vada is a must have Holi delicacy. Prepared with some Indian spices, lentils and water, this dish is a perfect beverage for your holi party.

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Meanwhile, did we miss something special from your region? Toh Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!


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