5 Best places to taste the traditional Gujarati thali in Ahmedabad

restaurants in Ahmedabad

By Ranjani Sastry

Like all states in India, Gujarati food comes with a touch of difference. And Ahmedabad, the state’s food capital is the place to go on a gastronomical expedition. The city has plenty of eateries which preserve the traditional, slow cooking style of Gujarati cuisine. Traditional restaurants in Ahmedabad, furthermore, arouse interest among the food aficionados with its old world charm and traditional Gujarati décor. So, today let us take a tour through some of the cafes and restaurants in Ahmedabad that holds a special place in the hearts of every food loving Ahmedabadi.




Pol Kholi

Pol Kholi

Situated in Old Ahmedabad, Pol Kholi is a café that has become an integral part of Ahmedabadi lives. This old city café welcomes you with an antique door and a semi open courtyard. Once you take your seat and have a chance to glance through their menu, you will find that Pol Kholi’s menu comprises of both traditional dishes alongside some western dishes. But the real show stealer at this café are the traditional Gujarati snacks recipes. When you visit Pol Kholi do care to taste some of their Patra (rolls of steamed Colocasia leaves), Khichu (preparation of millet or rice floor), Handvo (a vegetable cake sprinkled with sesame seeds), Muthiya (rolls made of rice, dal and spinach or bottle gourd), and Dhokla (split beans-rice cakes). All these preparations are salty and shallow fried with Indian condiments and spices.

  • Address: 2, Mangaldas Ni Haveli, Near Manek Chowk, Khadia
  • Trivia: The Café is housed in 150 years old Haveli known as ‘Mangaldas ni Haveli II’.
  • Note: Pol Kholi serves purely vegetarian food.
  • Café Hours: 7 – 10 AM (Breakfast hours), 11 AM to 11 PM (full menu hours)
  • Average Cost: INR 800 for two people.

Green House Café

Green House Cafe

It would be a great idea to start a morning heritage walk in Ahmedabad from the Green House Café. Being at the heart of the City, the Green House Café is easily accessible and leads to many places to visit in Ahmedabad. This café has earned a special fame for its mouth-watering Gujarati recipes for breakfast. While at Green House Café you can choose from: The House of MG Breakfast, Continental Breakfast and Buffet Breakfast. While at this café do care to taste some of their special delicacies such as: Dabeli, Kokum Sharbat, Methi Thepla, Buttermilk and Khichda. You might also want to taste their traditional Gujarati recipes such as: Khaman, Muthiya, Gota, Vada, Bhajiya and Chatakedaar Chaat. Green House Cafe also caters rejuvenating cold beverages, hot teas and coffees.

  • Address: The House of MG, Opposite Sidi Saiyad Jali, Lal Darwaja
  • Trivia: During the lunch hours, Founder’s Thali is the most ordered item.
  • Note: Green House Café does not serve any non-veg dishes.
  • Restaurant Hours: 7 AM – 11 PM
  • Average Cost: INR 1500 for two.


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Calling Agashiye a restaurant would be demeaning it. Agashiye is rather a food boutique! From its décor, ambience and food – everything would reinstate this fact. Their food is un-put-down-able. Agashiye serves only traditional Gujarati thalis which is laid down on the table in special bronze plates and bowls (known for anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties). There are three Thali choices for you – Express, Regular and Delux. No matter which Gujrati thali you choose, it will come packed with unending thrills for your taste buds – beginning to end! The courses start with Fruit Baflo (boiled fresh juice), followed by Mini Kachoris (stuffed peas fries), then those cups of pickles, slices of lemon and Chunda start turning up at your table. And we still haven’t reached the main course yet! In the main course you would be treated to hot-piping fulka rotis, kebab parantha, lots of side-dishes and chutneys, two to three cooked veggies, rice, dal, and unending supplies of hot sweet jalebis. Keep some space for the home-made ice cream and a masala pan peti. You definitely cannot crave for more!

  • Address: The House of MG, 3rd Floor, Lal Darwaja, Central Ahmedabad
  • Trivia: ‘Agashiye’ has been serving traditional Gujarati thalis since 1920s.
  • Note: This is one of the rare restaurants that encourages their guests to visit the kitchen and observe how their food is being cooked!
  • Restaurant Hours: 7 AM –11 PM and 12 –3:30 PM
  • Average Cost: INR 1500 for two.



Vishala is the first of its kind village restaurant in Ahmedabad. The restaurant was designed by Surendra Patel and he wanted visitors to get a feel of Gujarat’s village life while having delicious meal. Staying in the theme, guests have to sit on the ground while having their food. Coming to the food, it is served in basket coated with a leaf and dried-leafy bowls. Their traditional Gujarati thali consists of lentils, green veggies, salads and pulses. If you are searching for Gujarati food that is low on oil, spices and ghee than Vishala is the perfect restaurant in Ahmedabad. The main course here consists of different types of Indian breads (made of corn, millet or wheat). You can choose from 10 side dishes and 5 different types of Chutneys. Once you are through with the main course, have some buttermilk, assortment of milk made sweets and ice cream.

  • Address: Opposite APMC Market, Vishala Circle
  • Trivia: Though you cannot find any metal utensils at Vishala, but the restaurant houses the only museum of old metal utensils in Ahmedabad, which is called ‘Vechara Museum’.
  • Note: Special Jain and Vegan Thalis are available at Vishala. There is no onion or root vegetables used in the preparation of such meals.
  • Restaurant Hours: 11 AM – 3 PM (Lunch) and 7:30 – 11:00 PM (Dinner)
  • Average Cost: INR 1500 for two.



Rajwadu is a traditional village themed restaurant in Ahmedabad representing the ancient culture and life style of Gujarat and Rajasthan villages. The food and decor at Rajwadu reflects the culture of Gujarat. You would be served pan cooked hot rotis, uneven handcrafted bhakri and deep fried food here. Every traditional Gujarati recipe served here takes hours in preparation. The chefs at Rajwadu are known to prepare the yummiest vegetable dishes and snacks items. While at the restaurant you get to choose from as many as 35 side dishes and long list of fries and desserts.

  • Address: Near Jivraj Tolnaka, Behind Ambaji Temple, Malav Talav
  • Restaurant Hours: 11 AM – 2:30 PM and 7 – 11 PM
  • Average Cost: INR 1500 for two.

Burps are well in place after such grand meals, so do not be ashamed, as they are compliments to the best chefs in Gujarat!


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