10 reasons why you must take a train journey with the love of your life!


By Gomathi Shankar

“You and I…in this beautiful world” – sounds like a cliche romantic line, right?

But it’s true. In fact getting on a train ride with your partner is a lot more enriching than a month’s worth of candle-lights and dining.It is because when you complete that journey, neither of you will be the same and the bond between you two will be stronger than before. You get to spend so much time with the other, mostly gazing at windows over changing landscapes and facing practical difficulties and pulling yourself together through them all.

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Let’s give you some reasons on why you should go on a long distance train journey with your loved one:

Growing into each other:

Growing into each other

 Just imagine yourself on a train ride from Delhi to Kerala amidst a group of fellow passengers who do not speak your language! And then you have only one person by your side and there you would have enough time to explore each other’s perfect imperfections.

Sharing common interests and exploring differences:

In this era of Facebook and textroverts, having a real face to face conversation comes out as the biggest asset during long train journeys. You get ample of time to share your common interests and explore each other’s differences and know the real side of your partner. One after the other, you find all common interests to keep the conversation going and with each topic, you get one step closer to each other.

‘Me’ time and ‘We’ time:

Me and We time

A successful relationship needs a good balance between ‘me’ and ‘we’ time. And such long train journeys give you adequate amounts of both. Sometimes you can just read a book alone for a while or stand by the coach door and feel the wind on your hair and on the other hand, you might discuss a few things with your partner and share with them your thoughts.

Coz happiness lies in doing those ‘little things’ together:

Imagine watching a movie on your laptop sitting on a train berth, cuddling each other unintentionally with an ear piece each on both your ears. How romantic it would be to watch a classic Karan Johar romantic movie in a setup like this! Even you can show off and impress the other through your movie choices and even understand a lot of your partner’s interests through their movie choices.


So near yet so far:

So Near yet so far

Probably, train journeys are the best time to prove your emotional connect while just being at an arm’s length from your loved one for a couple of days. Due to lack of privacy, you tend to keep a fleeting distance from each other but you cannot miss a single chance to exchange stealthy glances and air kisses. Every time your hands brush against each other and your eyes lock in long gazes, your brains practice telepathy.

Food adds few brownie points to your romance:

Train journeys are not places for fine dining. Whenever a station arrives, it is just a cheap pleasure to set foot on the platform and pick street food from the hawkers. Nagpur oranges, Solapur puris, Tirunelveli halwa, Kolkata’s rasagullas, there is so much to munch your way and add the flavours of food to your romance too!

Experiencing nature together:

Experiencing Nature together

Most long distance journeys are cross-country tours. And in the country like ours, the landscape changes in every few miles. From lush green plains to mighty rivers, from rocky plateaus and barren deserts to urban commotions and enchanting hills, It is totally fun to window gaze the natural beauty together. share your memories and opinions of the places you pass through.

Two, yet One Soul conversation with fellow passengers:

Your fellow passengers would have seen the chemistry between you two by now. You can even engage them in mini conversations, understand their cultures and lifestyles and present yourself as a couple to a group. A Telugu-speaking couple may become friends with a family from Rajasthan on a journey and they can understand each other’s cultures too. These are the moments that show how you unconsciously present yourself as a couple to the society.

The ultimate Litmus test:

The Ultimate Litmus Test

The plug points will not work. The fans might not work. The toilets might be dirty. Trains might get delayed. Food may be horrible. Neighbours could be noisy. An elderly lady might ask to exchange your berth with the window view. But life is like that and is not always rosy. It is only in these times of practical difficulties, you get to see the other side of your lover. If your partner can adjust well without complaining much, you can be reassured that your relationship is in a safe zone.

Going through the ebbs & highs together:

Ebbs and Highs together

Sometimes you make completely unexpected discoveries, not only about your partner but also about the journey. It could be the amazing knowledge in geography or cultures and cuisines of different places. It could be a new language that you never thought the other person could speak. It could be an amazing bargaining skill with the hawkers. It could be their unexpected compassionate side. Long distance trains give you enough time to discover something unexpected about your partner, which might reinforce the love.

Have you ever been on a long distance train journey with your loved one? If not, then it is high time to book a trip right now. And who knows you might even discover an unknown X-factor that can make you fall totally in love once again with your sweetheart and feel like it has just begun. Truly, traveling is the best way to re-kindle your romance because some travel experiences are best when shared.


  1. It’s a pretty good reading. These are practical things that usually happen during a journey. It’s not only enjoyed through a single journey, but some of these instances remain in memory for long. You remember such moments, even after decades feeling nostalgic and happy.

  2. Very True, most of the time when we travel with our partner or love we discover many things about each other. Nicely written and described.

  3. Very True, most of the time when we travel with our partner or love we discover many things about each other.
    More our many people find their love in Train.
    Nicely written and described.


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