Insights into simplifying train travel

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Tips to maintain a hygienic kitchen

Secret Tips from RailYatri’s Masterchef to maintain a hygienic kitchen

A good cook is much more than a craftsman. In fact, a good cook is a creative artist who masters...

Foods to carry while travelling in train

Shun oily, spicy food and say Yes to hygienic, tasty food on the go!

Why not oily-spicy food? Maybe it’s a much-needed vacation with your family or just one of those...


RailYatri flying high with 1crore MAU in 3 years

RailYatri is a “Made In India” App, built for long distance train & bus travel. In...

Books on train

Travellers now have their own ‘Library on Cloud’

RailYatri partners with Juggernaut Books to bring book reading fun for travellers.

Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair is back again and it’s time to get high on adventure!

One of India’s most highly-rated travel experiences, Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan is a...

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Protect your health during rail journeys

The Unstoppable Power of your Health There is nothing more valuable in our life than being healthy. A...

Christmas Destinations

Let’s celebrate Christmas at these Unconventional Destinations in India

Christmas is a world popular festival which certainly demands a vacation. With Christmas approaching,...

Chef of Samastipur

A toast to the Master Chef of Samastipur

Samastipur is a small town which goes beyond century in time. However, there was always a dearth of...

Kitchari Katering - Kalyan Subbarao

RailYatri’s MasterChef – Journey from Coding to Cooking

Working on a completely different track and then all of a sudden being able to work on something you...

RailYatri's Bharose wala Meal

Hurray! Ordering food on train is super easy now

Ordering food online? – Will I even get my food? This is the most common question when it comes to...