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12 reasons why you absolutely can’t miss going home for Chhath Puja

The four-day long festival of Chhathh is not just about taking dips in the holy river. It is a time when family and friends join together to seek the blessing of the Sun God. They make all efforts to be at home and be a part of the celebrations. Chhath Puja touches an emotional chord with every person from Bihar and here is the reason, we absolutely can’t miss this festival.

Sun God

  • It is gratifying to thank the Sun God-like force to the universe: Chhath Puja is the only festival celebrated in Hindu religion where no Idol is worshiped. It’s all about thanking the Sun God.

Mouth Watering Thekuas

  • We get to taste those mouth-watering Thekua’s: Thekua is the Bihari version of cookies and it’s delicious. Being the main Prashad of this festival, we just can’t afford to miss it.

Divine Kharna

  • It’s a divine feeling to observe ‘Kharna’: It is the second day of the festival where family and friends gather together to participate in the rituals.

Saving Crackers for Chath

  • Cos saving those Diwali crackers for Chhath is absolutely amazing: Even though there are many shops around the ghat selling crackers, it’s absolute fun to save some from Diwali for this occasion.

floating diya

  • Floating diyas on the day of “Arghya” is a treat to the eyes: Prayers offered to the setting and rising sun is known as ‘Arghya’. Diyas along with sandalwood, rice and vermillion are offered to the Sun God.

Food cooked on Chulha

  • The food cooked on Chulhas is unmatched: All the Prashad and food prepared during the four-day long festival is cooked on the Chulhas and especially with Mango wood which gives aromatic and divine taste to the Prashad.

Helping Hand

  • Breaking the 36 hours fast gives a holistic feeling: Yes the four-day long festival includes, 36 hours of fast and abstain from drinking water. It is only on the fourth day after morning puja the ‘vraitins’ break their fast with the Prashad and then distribute it among family and friends.

rasio kheer

  • We just can’t miss that delicious Rasio Kheer: A special kheer made with Jaggery, rice, and dry fruits. It is made during the festival and tastes divine.

Immense Willpower

  • It takes immense willpower to be Vraitins: Vratins are the women who observe fast for the betterment of their family. They make sure to strictly follow the holy rituals, observe fast and stand for hours in water to offer prayer to rising and the setting sun.

Helping hand

  • Our moms definitely need a helping hand: Chhath puja is one of the toughest fast observed in the Hindu religion and it also means segregation from the main household for 2 days and carries the rituals firmly. Special note is taken of cleanliness and it becomes the responsibility of every family member to follow these rituals very strictly.

chhath puja song

  • Those Chath songs are absolutely sonorous: The folk songs play an important role in the festival. It is sung by the female members of the house during the festival.

chhat puja ghat

  • Trotting those Chath Ghats has a mesmerizing feeling: The mahogany black sky, millions of diyas, firework and sugarcane stalk canopies is a sight to behold. You just can’t miss the divinity of the ghats.

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