5 Ways to Beat the Vacation Rush and Get Confirmed Tickets

Summer Rush

Never Re-schedule Your Journeys when you have RailYatri App

Summer vacations in most educational institutions are ongoing. Children are restless souls, who will frustrate you with their energy and exuberance. They can wreck havoc within the house. So, the best way to tame them is to take them on tours. When they visit a new place, the fun of it all keeps them engaged. Children, just like the adults, enjoy a change in their daily lifestyle. As a result, over the last decade or so, Indian Railways has seen a rush for tickets come the summer vacation season. Summer vacations also serve as an impetus for the guardians to take some time off from their busy schedules and enjoy leisurely time at a scenic location.

One of the challenges for the passengers during such rush times, is getting confirmed tickets. With the 120 day advanced booking bracket and the ease of booking online tickets, there is always a dearth of tickets all year round. When families do not have the reservation confirmation, they have to re-schedule or even abandon their travel plans. It can cause heartburns for everyone. With RailYatri, you do not have to think about re-scheduling or abandoning your travel plans. Our app will help you carry out the necessary research required to obtain a confirmed ticket during busiest of times. But how does RailYatri do that? That is what we are here to tell you.

5 Steps to Getting Confirmed Tickets

Trains between stationsImage 2


1. Know the Trains between Stations: There is one travel planner in every family, who discusses with colleagues and friends about the probable list of trains to take. Though many feel they know about all train options along their vacation route mentioned in the Indian railways time table, but you will be amazed at the range of new trains that have come up in the meanwhile. Indian Railways also offers Special Trains to accommodate the rush. You can get a complete list of Trains (normal and special) along the route. Apart from this, if you save a particular Trip, RailYatri app will keep you informed about the Special Train announcements.
2. Identify the Less Crowded Days of Week: Team of data analysts at RailYatri have come up with an interesting insight for all rail passengers. From the historical data it is seen that Fridays and Sundays are the most crowded days of the week, when the demand for tickets touches the roof. When you are planning a trip, make sure that these two days are avoided for departure or return. You can select the weekdays, when the demand is much lower. Do not get disappointed with the long waiting list queues for trains between two stations, just think smart.

Most frequently visited cities
3. Intelligence about Alternative Small Stations: Most of the people believe that the volume of passengers for each of the stations is same. But the truth is there are some stations which are heavily visited by passengers from your source station. When you plan a trip always mind the popularity of the station you are planning for. While the tickets to a major station are hard to find, tickets to a smaller stations from where you can easily reach the destination is much easier to obtain. By obtaining tickets to such small stations you will not have to make PNR status check and worry about the fate of your confirmation. RailYatri app brings this information to you through their “Insights” section, where you will find “Most Frequently Visited Cities”.
4. Explore the Probabilities: If you have travelled many times in the past, you would know that the volume of people on-boarding or de-boarding at stations is not the same across all stations. There are particular stations along your route where the passengers will de-board more and some where the passengers will on-board. If you can research about this trend, then there is a high probability of getting confirmed tickets. RailYatri brings this information with the crowd sourced data from millions of rail travelers.

PNR StatusConfirmation Probability

5. Stay Sure with Confirmation Probability: There are instances when you just cannot find confirmed tickets. You have to book tickets on waiting list. But while you are booking tickets on waiting list, you can also check its Confirmation Probability with RailYatri app. This Probability is calculated based on various factors such as demand for tickets, historical data on cancellations, on-boarding and de-boarding statistics, etc. This feature will reduce the uncertainty that surrounds a travel. Unlike conventional PNR status enquiry, we have included this extra feature for the worried passengers.

When you have RailYatri app in your mobile, many travel possibilities are possible. You can have a hassle free trip to a destination of choice using various features of our app.

To download the RailYatri app visit the Google Play Store link: rytr.in/and or give a missed call on: 8080809551.


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