5 Steps to use the RailYatri Fare Calculator


Make an Informed Decision about Your Fare Costs

When you book a train ticket, do you ever realize how much you are being charged for meals? What is the total reservation charge? How many meals are you being charged for and why? In this age of steady information flow, there are some parts of Indian train travel which still remain in oblivion. We don’t blame the travelers for their lack of enthusiasm. From childhood, every Indian has grown up just paying the net worth for their travel. Most people don’t even believe there is a way to know what they are paying for. But believe me, there is a great way to make such calculations. You can understand the complete break-up of your fare charges by downloading the RailYatri app on your Android devices.

At RailYatri we think about convenience of the passengers. Digital boom has made our task simple. We endeavor to provide updated information about key facets of rail travel. We want to make train travel transparent. Our smart app has helped thousands of users in many aspects of train travel. This is why we thought of offering a new feature named the “Fare Calculator” in our app.

Why Train Fare Calculation Matters?

Compulsory catering charges levied upon the passengers on premium trains have been shrouded with mystery over the years. More than 90% of the passengers have no idea how the catering charges are calculated and what they are. Our research into the subject matter has brought up some staggering facts.

  • Total Food Charges: When you are travelling with children over 5 years, the catering cost can be about 40% of the total travel cost. There are no age concessions on catering charges. Just as an example – a family of 4 members might end up spending Rs. 2000 on compulsory catering, whether or not you avail the food. Often during travels, families spend a lot of extra money on the non-pantry food. So, you need to factor the train’s catering charges before deciding on a train to avail.
  • Wrong Catering Charges: There are many instances where the catering charge calculations are completely wrong from the Indian Railways end. As an example – TVC Rajdhani from Trivandrum to Vadodara (12431) charges for Morning Breakfast of the second day. But the train reaches its destination at 3:30 AM! There are many such discrepancies in catering charges. So, you better look out.
  • Number of Meals: Another problem with the compulsory catering charges is that passengers are not sure about number of meals they are charged for during a particular journey. Indian Railways does not provide any published document on when the meals will be served. As per the Indian Railways rule, lunch cannot be charged until a journey goes beyond 1:10 PM, as it is held to be the starting time for lunch serving. But there are discrepancies here too. As an example – passengers on the train NDLS – DBRT Rajdhani (12424) are not charged for lunch if they get down at New Cooch Behar station where the train arrives at 1:10 PM. However, for Howrah – Ranchi Shatabdi Express (12019), the passengers who de-board at Ranchi have to pay for the lunch, though the train similarly arrives at 1:10 PM at Ranchi station. So, it is imperative that you audit the catering charges from the point of boarding till de-boarding.

Steps to use the Fare Calculator

Now, that you know about the benefits of our new feature we would like to enlighten you upon its usage. It can be used by following the simple method mentioned below:

Fare Calculator Home Screen

Fare Calculator 2

  1. Download the RailYatri app from Google Play Store by using the link: rytr.in/and or give a missed call on: 8080809551.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, go to the main menu and select Fare Calculator.
    Move on and provide your Train Number.

Fare Calculator 3Fare Calculator 5

3. Now, you will be able to view the complete list of stoppages and their respective Fare.

4. Click on the Fare to get a complete break-up of every charge.

Fare Calculator 6

With these simple steps you can make an informed decision about your travel. We at RailYatri try to make your “Yatra Shubh”.


  1. Very excellent communication.
    In fact, more than 90% of rail passengers including me do not know or bother to know about this.

    Very nice suggestion. Keep it up.


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