Care for the People who Care the Most for You

Caring for Elderly

We salute the enthusiasm of our Senior Citizens. Travelling for Senior Citizens is very different from travelling when young. Their health poses the first major obstacle and the fitness levels are also a major deterrent. Yet their hearts are always filed with love for their children and that does not diminish no matter what might happen. They raise their children and then when they grow up, they have to see them leave and embark to other cities in search of their job prospects. Though our parents are distraught but they accept our separation. But there is always a longing to meet up whenever the opportunity presents itself. In the busy life of a professional, we do not have enough time to take trips back home, so we invite our parents over. Seldom do we know the hardships we are creating for them!

Though modernization has ushered into various walks of life in India, but facilities for the Senior Citizens in Indian Railways still remains nominal. Though the Indian Railways offers a hefty discount for Senior Citizens booking tickets for trains between two stations, but that cannot cover up for the lack of conveniences these groups of people need but never have. This is why your parents are always reliant on people – whether it is carrying the luggage or helping to climb the flight of stairs. They panic when the train gets delayed, because they know you might be waiting to receive them at the station. And train delays as you know are the norm of Indian Railways. They might not have proper Internet connections along the route or might not find a viable charging point to refuel their mobile.

Elderly passenger using mobile


There is no need to get hysterical; you can track the progress of your parents train using the Trip Sharing feature in the RailYatri app. We have kept the functionality of this feature simple. It needs only a couple of clicks to add and share a trip, after downloading the app by visiting link: The download and installation process is simple and you can guide your parents on the due course of action over the phone. Once it is done, ask them to add the trip after booking a ticket.

When a trip is shared the app will generate a unique URL that can be shared with the WhatsApp contacts. Just ask them to share this link with you. And by clicking on the link you can track the live train status. You can open the URL on your preferred mobile browser, but if you want in-depth insights downloading the app is the best option.

However, coming back to the functionality of the Trip Sharing mechanism, the app tracks arrival and departure of trains (which is essential for people boarding at intermediate stations). Thus your parents will know exactly when they have to leave home. Once they are at the station, the app will guide them to the exact compartment. They will not have to aimlessly wander here and there. When the journey commences, you can see the progress of the train on a route map with the exact delay status, expected arrival time and the distance left to the destination.

This means you can receive your parents at the right time, no matter how delayed or early (which is very rare) the train arrives. We help you care for these special people! Use the Trip Sharing feature today and explore various other possibilities.


  1. Indian Railway is not sensitive to the problems of senior citizens. They hardly get lower berths inspite of vague promises of Railway Minister. Concession of senior citizen is withdrawn if they book tatkal tkt from their very limited income and as if they don’t have any emergency. Apart from lack of other facilities at the station platform etc


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