How to fix Google Playstore’s “Package File Is Invalid” error?

Package file is invalid error

Have you faced the same problem? If yes, you are not the only one. In the recent months, many of the Android users are getting a common error ‘Package File Is Invalid’ while downloading RailYatri or any other Application from Google Playstore. Even the best of the best Apps are getting affected by this issue. To overcome this problem, the best solution is to simply clear your Google Play’s data and cache.

Here is how you can clear data and cache from your device. Also, check out few more options to fix this issue.


1. Go to Phone Settings

Package File Invalid Rectification 1


2. Select App/Applications/ Manage applications


Package File Invalid Rectification 2


3. Select Google Play Store 

Package File Invalid Rectification 3

4. Clear data and Cache

Package File Invalid Rectification 4

If the above mentioned step doesn’t work, you may try a few more options.


  1. Go to Applications (as in Option 1)
  2. Select Google Play Store Press “Uninstall updates”
  3. Try to install/update TextMe again from Play Store


Some users report that removing and re-adding their Google Account fixed the problem

  1. Go to your Phone Settings, then Accounts, the Google
  2. Remove your account and re-add it

Now, you should be able download and install RailYatri App on your device. And we hope you like using our app. If you have any feedback please write back to us at:


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