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With every New Year your outlook to life changes a bit. You shun some old practices and adopt few new ones. So, why not adopt something new that gives a whole new meaning to your travel. Yes, we are referring to RailYatri’s Hotels by Hours. For travelers, booking a hotel stay can’t get better as this is all about hassle free travel. How? Read more, to know more!


RailYatri Hotels vs Retiring Rooms

Short Stays

It is time to move beyond Railway retiring rooms. And this move is quite logical too. How many times have you faced the hassle of sleeping on an unclean bedding at high priced rooms? Unless refurbished recently, most of the railway retiring rooms wear a shabby appearance and look too uninviting to stay there. Now, let us introduce you to RailYatri Hotels by Hours. Just like retiring rooms, these are situated within a couple of kilometers from the railway station. Hotels near railway station, we have in our list, are inviting properties. They have all the conveniences you need to spend few hours or as much time as you want.

Booking a railway retiring room can be a tedious affair and there is no guarantee of their availability (which is due to the demand and supply mismatch). However, booking short stays from RailYatri takes only a couple of minutes and can be done anytime, anywhere! We have enough hotel rooms near railway station, even during the peak travel season, to support the needs of our users.

Flexible Check-in and Check-out

Hotel check-in

Hotels are usually quite rigid about their check-in and check-out timings – but this is not the case with RailYatri’s Hotels by Hours. You do not have to make that adjustment anymore, for RailYatri Hotels by Hours allow you to check-in and check-out as per your convenience. We understand that a train might arrive at midnight or leave at the wee hours of the morning. So, you get to walk into your room and leave it as and when you need to – also pay only for the time that you have stayed at these hotels. Flexible hotel check-in and check-out is your right and we have made that possible.


Save your hard earned bucks

hotel booking

Looking at it apparently, Railway retiring rooms might appear to be cost saving options. But trust us, your mind would be changed once you take a look at RailYatri’s Hotels by Hours. We offer handsome discounts and deals to passengers trusting our services. By applying one such offer you could bring down the hotel near railway station booking cost significantly.

Check-in, freshen up & carry on

Hotels in India

During your long journey, when fatigue grinds the energy out of your body, you need a clean and tidy place to refresh your senses. Out short stays are meant for just that. You can book a short stay near railway station for just the number of hours you deem necessary and we promise you would be billed for just the tenure of stay. That is definitely not an option if you skip the railway retiring rooms in favor of hotels nearby.

Earn as you book

Reward Points

If that is not all, we have some more good news for you. Every time you make a Hotels by Hours booking with us, some points are automatically added to your RailYatri wallet. With these points, you can go shopping for many attractive travel stuff from our Travel Store.

So, want to enrich your travel experiences? Try RailYatri’s Hotels by Hours today.


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