Mobile Exhibition on Climate Change

Science Express

Science Express, a unique exhibition mounted on a 16 coach AC train was flagged off in October 2007. In the next 9 years, the train has already traveled over 1, 22,000 km across the length and breadth of this country. In the due time, the exhibition has received more than 133 crore visitors at 391 halts across 1404 days. All these facts have made the Science Express the longest running, largest and most visited mobile science exhibition in India. It has even created six Limca Book of Records in its journey so far.

The theme for this year’s exhibition is “Climate Change”. All the coaches bear resemblance to the theme. The journey for 2015-16 exhibitions was flagged off on October 15, 2015 from Delhi Safdarjung station. The exhibition this year, aims at creating awareness among various strata of the society about how to combat and adapt to climate change. Out of the 16 coaches, 8 have been developed by Centre for Environment Education and contain information, material and case studies related to climate change. Each of the coaches contains something unique, such as:

  • Coach 1(Understanding Climate Change): Contains exhibits focusing on climate as a system, greenhouse gas and underlying reasons for climate change.
  • Coach 2 (Impact of Climate Change): Focus on how temperatures around the globe are rising, monsoon variations, sea level rise, etc.
  • Coach 3 & 4 (Adaptation): Showcases aspects of adaptation with examples from day to day life, strategies, stories from the field, etc.
  • Coach 5 & 6 (Mitigation): Concepts and definition on restoring the environmental balance by reducing emissions with the use of Renewable Energy.
  • Coach 7 (International Negotiations on Climate Change): Introduction to internationally agreed action and targets.
  • Coach 8 (Handprint): How climate can be preserved through simple lifestyle choices.
  • Coach 9 & 10: Includes exhibition put up by Department of Biotechnology (DBT).
  • Coach 11: Exhibition put up by National Innovation Foundation (NIF).

The Science Express is presently exhibiting at Barrackpore station. This year’s exhibition will go on till May 7 and culminate at Gandhinagar. The detailed schedule is mentioned below:

Science Express

So, visit this unique exhibition at a station near you.


  1. It’s unique effort by Indian railways to run education and exhibition train. I suggest such initiative should continue, as such train exhibit is equally liked and enjoyed by kids and adults too.suggested that every year a unique subject to be selected, from basic science, social issues, and advanced science and engineering. As this works as a common thread across this unique country of India through it’s length and width. All the best wishes. Give a wide publicity.

  2. The efforts done by railways to get to people know about climate change is incredible.
    Railways have always being a deal in India.
    what is scheduled for it after May, Is train will come to Mau jn station in near future?


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