Invite your friends to RailYatri and get rewarded

Earn Paytm Cash

RailYatri provides a comprehensive train travel solution in a single window. The  information provided by RailYatri App not only simplifies your travel plan, but also enables you to save time and money during your train travel.

Won’t it be nice of you to refer RailYatri to your friends and simplify their train journeys? Yes, indeed by doing so you are helping them out. What if you get rewarded for this noble cause? Yes, now you can get Paytm cash rewards by simply referring Railyatri App to your friends and family. The reward is just a token of appreciation for all our users who take the pain of helping out others in simplifying their train journey.

Note: Only the referrer gets the reward and this feature is available only on our latest App version (1.7.7)

How to refer? Just three simple steps


1.  When you open the App for the first time after upgrade, you will see a pop up for Refer and Win.  You have an option to refer now or later. If you chose to refer later,   go to the top right of your Apps homepage and select Refer And Reward from the  drop down menu.

2. You will be prompted to verify your number and click on Give a missed call (Phone verification is only one time process)

3. Simply invite your friends through any option listed

How the referrer gets the reward? Steps to be followed by the referee:


1. Open the app and enter referral code (referrer’s code) and click on Reward Now

2. App will ask to verify mobile number. Now enter your mobile number and name click on Give a missed Call (This app verifies your phone number through a automated missed call)

3. After the verification is successful, click on Reward button, enter referrer’s code and click APPLY.

Tada! It’s the referrer will get paytm cash reward in his account.


Now, most of the user finds it tough to get their mobile number verified. Actually it is very simple and easy. However, both the referrer and the referee must verify their phone number on the RailYatri app. A successful referral is when a new user (herein after called the referee) downloads the RailYatri android app for the first time and successfully submits the referrer’s unique code in the RailYatri app post his or her phone number verification. Please note: Phone verification is only one time process

Steps to verify your mobile number


1. Once you have entered the Referral Code, you will be prompted to verify your number and “Phone Verification” screen will appear. Enter your Phone Number and Display Name and click on Give a missed cal

2. Next there will be a pop up instructing not to close the window.

3. If you are a DUAL SIM USER, you need to act on one more step. Select the service provider of the number you entered for verification.

4. Now you will get an automated call which will disconnect itself in few seconds.

5. Congratulations! Finally your number is being verified.

Let’s get going! Enjoy getting rewarded for referring RailYatri App to your friends.



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