Did you know there are temples for villains too?


Mahabharata always taught us where there is a virtue; there shall be a victory (Yato Dharma Tato Jayah). And hence, we are coached to follow the good and defy the wicked. The idea of building temples also dedicate a place to someone who you appreciate and take inspiration from. However, there are some communities who have dedicated temples to the evil ones too. Here is the list of temples which are not devoted to gods and goddesses, rather to the ‘not so holy’ characters.

Gandhari temple, Mysore 

Gandhari temple blog

Gandhari is the main deity of this temple is Hebbya Village, Mysore. Gandhari was always been judged by many as the mother of 100 evil sons, leading to the war of Mahabharata. 

Legend: Gandhari, was a lady of immense natural power and always favored Dharma. She even refused to bless her own sons, when they were leaving for the battle. The sacrifices she made for her husband and sons cannot be unnoticed.

How to reach: Nearest railway station to this station is Mysore Jn. 


Duryodhana Temple, Kerela

Duryodhan Temple blg

Yes, you heard it right! Poruvazhy Peruviruthy Malanada is the only temple in South India dedicated to Duryodhana.  Duryodhana has always been seen as an evil character in Hindu mythology.

Legend of the temple: As a part of his rigorous efforts to trace the Pandavas in exile, Duryodhanana traveled to the forests in the south and reached Malanada hill. He was exhausted and accepted toddy from an untouchable lower caste. The king was impressed and appreciated the divinity of the place. In the act of charity, he gave away hundreds of acres of agricultural land and paddy fields to the ‘Devasthanam’.

Karna Temple, Uttrakhand

Karna temple blog

Karna, a wonderful human being turned into a hideous character in the Mahabharat, yet he possessed many magnificent attributes. He was the eldest son of Kunti and a great warrior. His generosity towards everyone bestowed him the title of “Daan Veer Karna” He just could not betray his friend Duryodhana and so he took his side in the war. To celebrate and worship this kind-hearted warrior, Devara in Uttrakhand dedicate a temple to him.

How to reach: Nearest railway station to reach this temple is Rishikesh.


Shakuni Temple, Kerala

Shakuni temple

Astonished? But he was the vilest character in the epic, then why a temple? His temple at Pavithreswaram is perhaps the only one of its kind in the country.

Legends of the temple: Shakuni roamed around the country, accompanied by his nephews, during the battle. Shakuni then returned to this place after the great battle and attained ‘Moksha’ with the blessings of Lord Shiva and became Lord Shakuni.

How to reach: Kottarakkara is around 65km from Thiruvananthapuram, the nearest railway station is Munroturuttu railway station.


Hadimba temple, Manali

Hadimba temple blog

A demon and a cannibal, yet there is a temple dedicated for a beast. She tried to kill the Pandavas, but later married Bheema and gave birth to Ghatotkacha, who played havoc in the battlefield in favor of the Pandavas.

How to reach: The nearest railway head to Manali is Jogindernagar railway station.

Surprised? Sometimes all that seems evil is not always evil! Happy Travelling.


  1. While posting an article in social media, one must not hurt other people’s believes who look RAAVANA as their god, by stating him as evil / demon.
    “We were just told of the indian mythology by their own way in winners voice but the other side of the fact is unveiled”.
    So one should not say RAAVANA and others are not holy characters.

  2. Gandhari is the main deity of a temple in Hebbya Village near Mysore. Kakinada is in Andhra Pradesh and Mysore is in Karnataka.
    Please correct accordingly.

    • Thank you, Kiran for your words. The characters mentioned here are from Mahabharat. For Ravana temple, you can read our Hindi story on Ravana temples.


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