A train journey from Howrah to New Delhi: Enjoy the regional delicacies

Hawkers at Stations

In India, the food preference changes after a few miles and it is pretty much evident when you are travelling in a train. On my recent travel from Kolkata to New Delhi, on board of Poorva Express I was simply stunned at the range of food delicacies that we can relish. So, thought of sharing my experience on the regional delicacies I’ve tried.

My train was scheduled to leave Howrah early in the morning, so I had to grab breakfast at Howrah station and the experience was amazing. One can easily get amazed at the food choices with various options available at the station. It has a stall of Monginis which serves delicious egg and chicken rolls. I am a bit of Muncher and not one-time belly filler. So, I decided to pack a Chicken Cutlet from the railways cafeteria and some Sandesh (a popular dessert created with milk and sugar).

Food in Train from Kolkata to New Delhi

A while after the train left Howrah, I felt hungry again and at the right time, I saw a hawker selling Jhal Muri (puffed rice with a variety of spices), which was very tempting. It was spicy yet delicious. Thereafter, the next stop was at Bardhaman, which I knew was famous for its Mihidana (sweet dish prepared by mixing gram flour with water) and Sitabhog (sweetmeat prepared with Basmati Rice Flour, Ghee, Paneer, Saffron and Sugar). I bought a significant proportion of these regional delicacies from a hawker. Within an hour and a half, the train again halted at Asansol and this station I knew was famous for its special type of Vegetable Patties. But, this time I decided to skip as I was full.

You may not want to miss a cup of refreshing tea with a cream on top at Madhupur station and the famous Shirikhand of Patna. The food journey doesn’t end here. When you reach Allahabad, you will find the compartment flooded with hawkers selling Guavas which is the specialty of the city. I must agree, the quality was good and fruits were fresh. Oh, how can I miss to mention the Gulabi Rewris of Lucknow. The Rewris of Lucknow is a popular dessert with rose essence.

Next time if you are travelling from Kolkata to New Delhi or vice versa, do look out for these regional delicacies. I am sure you will love them.


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