Gift safety to your Sister this Rakshabandhan

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Trip Sharing is the fastest way to track the progress of a loved one’s train journey and travel safe

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bonding of brother and sister relationship. A sister is not only a playmate, but a companion, counselor and dons many different roles. Admit it or not, sisters are special and every brother wants to gift her sister something unique on Raksha Bandhan. What if that gift keeps her safe, keeps family updated about the progress of the journey, and gives her the feeling of being cared for even when she is alone!

Well, if you are still wondering what is being talked about, we are referring to the next-gen train travel app, RailYatri. Install it on your sister’s Android device and make her train journeys much safer. RailYatri, the free train app, can be downloaded from Google Play store or by giving a missed call on 8080809551.

Why is ‘Trip Sharing’ a must-have for train travelers?

In 2014, the number of registered cases of crimes against women on trains was 73, while the molestation cases were 55. The graph of crimes against women on Indian trains saw a significant rise last year, so it makes all the more sense to take extra precautions. Rising crime rates against women keep the family worried especially when women are travelling alone on a train. Trip sharing feature can cast away some of these tensions as the loved ones can then see how journey on the moving train is progressing real time.

Trip sharing is a must-have for every train traveler, especially women, youngsters and elderly. The app also calculates the expected arrival time, delay (if any) and distance left to destination. It also shows the coach / seat position of the traveler, along with the expected platform number. The app also advises the users which side to approach the station in case you are travelling to the station.

How does Trip Sharing help users?

Be it that exam in another city or coming home for holidays, family doesn’t have to spend sleepless nights when women or youngsters are travelling alone.

Raksha Bandhan is the perfect time to gift safety to your sister so she can travel alone without fear. Trip Sharing app in the phone will boost her confidence while travelling alone on a train. In just 2 clicks, train travelers can post the full journey details on popular messenger apps like Whatsapp – the feature helps your family know how your journey is progressing by checking your location. The app uses your location to find the train position, and displays the train status.

If the receiver doesn’t have RailYatri app on his phone, he can still track sender’s trip on the browser. The sharing works across all platforms, and works on most browsers in case you do not have an android device.

Trips can be shared with these 4 simple steps:

  1. After downloading the app by giving a missed call on 08080809551, create a Trip with your PNR number.
  2. Return back to the Home screen and click on “Share a secured tracking link” and share a unique URL on Whatsapp, mail, etc.
  3. Share the URL with people you intend.
  4. Receiver can see the exact location of the traveler and track his trip by clicking on the link.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all brothers and sisters 🙂


  1. Good to know that a company in India is doing things to ensure for Girls safety…But some people fail to teach their children Moral Values, due to which they commit crimes. Well, I just mean that Parents should teach their children the moral values and should not always act strict but should be friendly so that they share their feelings allowing parents to help the child.


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