Taste of Christmas: Must-Visit 10 Iconic Bakeries in India


Yes, there are a lot of bakeries with a host of new and fancy innovations across the country at the time of Christmas. But then there are other kinds of bakeries. The ones which bring up a nostalgic memory of a childhood gone by where we saved every paise, just to buy those honey cakes and stick jaws, which would just melt in your mouth.

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While the traditional cakes and other authentic savouries continue to be our Christmas favourites, let us give you a list of popular bakeries in India.

Albert Bakery, Bengaluru

  • Albert Bakery, Bengaluru


This one probably holds the record for the oldest bakery in the city. It opens at 3.30 p.m. and is legendary for its chicken and mutton keema samosas. A huge crowd throngs this roadside joint on Mosque Road to savour its much-loved keema naan, khoya muffins and bheja puffs apart from pastries, cakes, and freshly baked bread. The 111-year-old bakery is run by a Muslim family and was apparently named Albert simply to make it easier to serve the British Empire’s aristocrats.

Address: 93, Mosque Road, Cleveland Town, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru

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Wenger's Bakery, New Delhi

  • Wenger’s Bakery, New Delhi


Started by the Wenger’s, a Swiss couple in 1926, the shop has been in the same location since it was established. As said, they are the pioneers of Swiss confectionery in India. Right from the magical times of the past till present day, Wenger’s is a host to local as well as international tourists every day. If you are heading towards this stopover at Christmas, do not forget to try its Prawn Cocktail Sandwich, Chocolate Espresso, Fruit Tarts or Mushroom Quiche from its exotic menu.

Address: A-16, Connaught Place, New Delhi


Nafees Bakery, Indore

  • Nafees Bakery, Indore


Nafees was established in Indore in the year 1965 as a small bakery unit. Over the years, as the demand for their delicious treats has increased, they have always delivered the best quality baked products time after time, at the lowest prices. One must try their evergreen Chocolate Panipuri, baked kachoris, cakes and variety of cookies and biscuits that they have to offer.

Address: 122, Jawahar Marg, Indore


Gaylord, Mumbai

  • Gaylord, Mumbai


Serving the tantalizing taste buds since past150 years, they’ve got a variety of cakes and tarts in their bakery section at the restaurant. Christmas should be the time to be around this bakery to try their Baklavas, Lemon Tarts, Macaroons, Chocolate Mousse and Crème-Filled Donuts. A landmark in itself, their iconic bakery pulls you in with their aroma of all things baked.

Address: Mayfair Building, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai

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  • Glenary’s Bakery, Darjeeling


Originally named Vado, Glenary’s has been an icon on the Darjeeling’s Nehru Road road since 1935. Glare at the majestic views of the mountains while you settle in your chair and sip your coffee or gorge on cakes and pastries. One of the best cafes in Darjeeling, it also has a restaurant on its middle floor that serves a wide range of scrumptious dishes including continental sizzlers, beef steaks, pork patties, chocolate eggs and tandoori snacks. If you’re visiting here during Christmas, do not miss out on the rum balls here.

Address: Nehru Road, Close to Chowrasta, Darjeeling


Shaikh Brothers

  • Shaikh Brothers, Guwahati


About 125 years old, Shaikh Brothers is perhaps the oldest and the absolute favourite bakery in all of Guwahati for the locals as much as it was for the British. Not very fancy in terms of interiors, the bakery is fairly small and is best known for its fancy-shaped cream covered cakes. Christmas menu stored in for you would be, eggless cakes, pastries, cupcakes, vegetarian/ chicken patties and Shaikh Brothers special jam rolls.

Address: 195, Hem Baruah Rd, Pan Bazaar, Guwahati


Royal Bakery

  • Royal Bakery, Pune


Established in 1910, Broons and milk bread from Royal Bakery have been the favourites of customers for a long time. They are probably the oldest name in the bakery business in Pune. Yohan Irani’s(owner) grandfather used to sell peti pav to British officers in this area before independence. The recipes for our specialties have been passed on from his grandfather’s time to them and people queue up outside the bakery every morning to buy broons , hot cross buns, and rolls.

Address: 200, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Opp. Fashion Street, Camp, Pune.

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31 De Janerio Confeitaria, Panjim

  • 31 De Janerio Confeitaria, Panjim


Christmas is when Goan homes and bakeries make traditional rum cakes, plum cakes, and coconut balls. You will find all such savouries even at 31 De Janerio Confeitaria, which is the oldest bakery in the town and boasts of an earthen oven still in use. It is famous for its menu filled with traditional Goan sweets, rich cakes, and savoury snacks. We recommend you their date and walnut cake, bebinca, KitKat cake, tea cakes and prawn rissoles and freshly made pavs.

Address: Corte De Oiterio, 31 January Road, Panjim


Ellora's Bakery, Dehradun

  • Ellora’s Bakery, Dehradun


Established in 1940’s and located on one the busiest streets of Dehradun, Ellora’s Bakery is a name that everyone in the town reckons. Unbelievably famous, this cakes and bakes wonderland is believed to be infusing magic in its ever so famous treats. Doonites have a nostalgic connection with its Rusks, Coconut Macaroons, Stickjaws(Butter toffees) and Plum Cakes and many varieties of pastries and cakes at the time of Christmas. The owners, over the last 3 generations have successfully passed on the gift of baking super-quality delicacies. No wonder one can’t resist paying a visit to this ordinary looking conventional bakery paradise.

Address: Chukkuhwala, Rajpur Road, Dehradun


Smith Field Bakery, Chennai

  • Smith Field Bakery, Chennai

For more than 125 years, the ten-feet-long stone slab under a thatched roof at the Smith Field bakery on the Perambur Barracks (PB) Road in North Chennai has rolled out endless amounts of sweet bread, buns and a variety of biscuits and ‘T’ cakes that are cooked in the natural wood fire. Established in 1885, it is the best bakery in Chennai to still use this traditional method to make baked products.

Address: 130, PB Road, Purasavakkam, Chennai


Tempting enough? Re-live your Christmas memories by heading up at these iconic bakeries.


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