5 lip smacking delicacies of Tamil Nadu

Southern Tamil Nadu Delicacies

By Gomathi Shankar

Tamil Nadu is perhaps the only state with five different styles of cuisines, with each geographical region having its own speciality. It is also a perfect foodie destination because each city or town in this state takes pride in owning a dish for itself. Here are few dishes, we are sure you must have heard about even if you haven’t tasted them yet.

Nagercoil Chips

Nagercoil Chips: No visit to Nagercoil is complete without a packet of jackfruit chips. Chakkavathal, as it is called by the locals, is a delicious variety of chips which you simply cannot put down. It is slightly sweeter in taste from the air filled chips sold by popular brands. Explore the streets of Nagercoil and soak in the aroma of chips getting fried in coconut oil. Apart from the jackfruit chips, this town is also famous for its banana chips, called the nendhram chips. This variety has a unique taste, very different to the salt-dominated banana chips you would have eaten elsewhere.

Visit Nagercoil to taste this delicacy.


Tirunelveli halwa

Tirunelveli Halwa: Many of you may have heard of the famous Tirunelveli halwa. No person from Tirunelveli can leave this town without halwa requests from friends and colleagues. The halwa here is specially known for its melting smooth texture and they even use it as a metaphor to refer something silky smooth. There are two popular shops in Tirunelveli – the eccentric Iruttu Kadai and Shanthi Sweets, which are famous for the Tirunelveli halwa. Iruttu kadai (which means the dark shop in Tamil) is just a small joint without even a proper name board, however, people wait eagerly for the doors to open every evening to grab a packet of halwa. Shanthi Sweets, on the other hand, is a full time savouries shop offering other items too. However, the town has an army of namesakes for Shanthi Sweets. The authentic shop is just Shanthi Sweets and you can easily spot it by the heavy crowd flocking in the shop anytime of the day.

Visit Tirunelveli to taste this delicacy.

Tuticorin Macaroon

Tuticorin Macaroon: The coastal town of Tuticorin is primarily known for seafood delicacy. However, the macaroons made here have become equally famous. Macaroons are made of eggs, sugar and cashew nuts mainly and are rich in sweetness and calories alike. These tiny conical pieces of sugar melt effortlessly in the mouth. There are several bakeries offering the authentic taste of these macaroons. Buy a packet and I bet you cannot stop yourself from having one more when you start.

Visit Tuticorin to taste this delicacy.

Kutralam Parotta

Kutralam Parotta: Kutralam is a town in South Tamil Nadu famous for its cluster of waterfalls. The town has also earned a name for itself in the cuisine map with its parottas. Parottas of Tamil Nadu are different from the parathas of North India though they belong to the same species. The recipe and taste of parotta change for almost every 100 kms in Tamil Nadu in what almost seems like a competition between towns to produce the best possible parotta recipe. If such a competition were to really take place, Kutralam parottas will win hands down because of their inviting taste. A small shop, famously referred as the Border Shop in the Kerala-TamilNadu border is a must visit place for parotta lovers.

 Visit Kutralam to taste this delicacy.


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  2. Nice well written article. Being Tirunelveli Halwa one of my favourite sweet dish I had tasted it from various shops. Hitnat in Bangalore is the one of the few sweet shops where we get pure traditional taste halwa.


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