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Jaisalmer desert

Skipping the forts: Other tourist places of Jaisalmer

Beat the stereotyped tours to deserts and forts during your stay at Jaisalmer with these options.

Festivals in November

10 Not-to-miss festivals in November

In a country as vibrant as India, one never runs out of avenues to soak in the spirit of revelry....

Haunted places in India

Dare to visit these 10 Spookiest places in India!

The curiosity to find out more about the unknown has taken people to different corners of the world....

Mysterious Places in India

10 Mysterious places that you won’t believe existed in India

India is full of mysterious places and stories spanning back over the centuries, that are just...

Chhath Puja 2017

Reasons why you can’t miss going home during Chhath Puja!

The four-day long festival of Chhath is not just about taking dips in the holy river. It is the time...

Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair is back again and it’s time to get high on adventure!

One of India’s most highly-rated travel experiences, Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan is a...

Sandakphu trekking

Sandakphu: Trekking your way to Paradise

Sandakphu is the perfect route to start your trekking adventures...


Ready for an adventurous trip to Ladakh?

Ladakh presents a world of opportunities for the adrenaline junkies...

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DAAKIYA DAAK LAAYA – India’s unusual Postal affair!

As a part of distinct postal systems in our country pre-independence, we today have the largest...

Funny Indian Station Names

Funny Station Names: It’s all in the family

Spread across the vast network of Indian railways are some station names that really remind you of...