Tips for Mobile Photography


Travelling and Photography is a perfect blend for an amazing vacation. Each time we travel to a destination it is very important to capture the moment and treasure it for a lifetime. Blend your flair for photography and craving for travel with some simple tips and capture each moment of your beautiful journeys. Don’t worry if you don’t carry a high definition camera, your Smartphone camera can also do miracles if you follow the right tricks. Follow these Do’s and treasure loads of memories with some outstanding photographs.

Tips for mobile photography

Be ready for the right moment: Keep your mobile camera on the home screen because a good moment is always easy to lose. It may be an obvious reason to say that your phone doesn’t have charge or it’s kept somewhere in the bag, keep your power-bank handy and keep a check on your phone’s battery. Never lose a good opportunity to capture some great photographs.

Tips for mobile photography

Click, Click and Click: Don’t think twice while clicking a picture, take pictures of whatever you want , as many as you want. If you think you can create beauty even out of ruins just go for it. For instance: Your train is passing through Thar dessert, you can always capture the beautiful moment of sunrise or sunset. Some moments will be repeated. If you don’t like the pictures you can always delete it, but if you have lost the moment you wouldn’t get it back.

Tips for mobile photography

Download Photo editing apps: Add beauty to your photographs with some edits, special effects and touches. Be selective and edit only those photographs which you feel to be the best. There are various apps like Photoshop, Snapseed, LINE camera, Camera 360, Retrica which is examples of popular apps to help you create magic in your clicks. Uses these apps and create your own creativity and individual approach to editing them.

Tips for mobile photography

Choose unique angles: Try different perceptive and add interesting twists to your click. Take the turn and apply different angles/frames to your photographs. Develop your own unique style and don’t stop shooting. Break the monotony and try the different genre and colour filters to add life to your photographs.

Tips for mobile photography

Add extra lenses to your Smartphone: Smartphone cameras can click amazing photographs but adding an extra lens on your Smartphone can create wonders. How do these lenses help in better photography? Well, they are just like spectacles for your Smartphone. They assist in creating better visibility and making what’s on your screen feel more like what you see with your own eye.

Tips for mobile photography

Make your Pictures come alive: Print your pictures, Hang them on the wall, share it with your friends and let everybody know of your photography skills and let them get astonished of your picture clicked by a smart-phone camera.

And last but not the least…

Travel, Explore and treasure your memories.


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