Tips and tricks for train travel in monsoon


Monsoon is a unique season with its own pleasures and discomfort. The air gets filled with newness; the ambience gets excited and the echoing music of the rain drops rejuvenate senses. However, when it comes to travelling in train, rain can definitely be a big spoiler at times.

We don’t have control over the unprecedented weather but we can definitely make the best of the monsoon without much hassle. Follow these tips and tricks to enjoy the tip-tap rains while on a train.

Clothes and shoes that you DON’T care about


Try not to wear white clothes for your journey. Rainy season means mud, dirt and other such stuff. Your clothes and shoes might get in a mess during the journey. So try to ignore white or light coloured clothes while you are travelling.

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 Bug Spray or repellent

Bug Spray

Monsoon gives an invitation to many bugs, insects and mosquitoes. Don’t forget to pack bug spray or disinfectant scrubs along your journey.

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Check window panes, before-hand

Window PaneWhile travelling in trains during monsoon, do check the window panes of your train seat. There might be some leakages or jamming issues with the window. So, when the TTE comes for his round of checking, you can report the issue and ask for a different seat (if possible).

No No to cut fruits

Street Food

Monsoon is the time we get many seasonal fruits. Say a big no to such fruits sold at the station as the water used to keep the fruits fresh may not be free from contamination.

Colourful flip flops

Flip FlopsCarry those vibrant flip flops along during your journey. If your shoes gets wet along with the socks, just put on the slippers and relax.

DON’T forget your rain-shade


By rain-shade, I mean do not forget to carry your umbrella or raincoat to anywhere you travel. You may not need it but it is still safe to carry them.

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Think before you drink

Think before you drink

Try not to drink water from a source that you are not sure. It is better to carry your own bottled water.. You can also carry water purifying tablets and dissolve them in water before drinking them. They may taste weird but will definitely save you from falling sick.

First-Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Your first-aid kit should be your best friend while travelling during the monsoon. The kit should include antiseptic cream, bandages, some painkillers and medicines for stomach aches. 

Carry enough of Zip-lock bags

Zip Lock Bag

During monsoon, there is moisture in the air. Carry as many zip-lock bags possible. You can keep your electronic items like camera, chargers, and batteries in the air tight bags. Wet clothes can also be stored in these bags easily.

Avoid station-side food options

Train Station Food Vendor

Monsoon is the peak time for many uninvited diseases like upset stomach, diarrhoea and others. So try to carry your own homemade food items. You can also carry as many of the dry food items which can be retained for the entire journey. If you are buying it from outside, purchase only from reputed brands. They usually are safe to eat as well as hygienic.

Carry us along

Train App

When you carry RailYatri app along, new opportunities and possibilities open up. Trains invariably run late during the monsoons so you can track the status of your train easily with the app. Monsoons also see a large number of train cancellations (which are often last minute) so you can book outstation cabs or buses to make the journey.

So, now that you know, how to make the best of this beautiful season even on trains. Get ready to enjoy the magical season of rains.

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