Must try mangoes for this season


Summer in India means a yummy treat of mangoes. Each state boasts of different varieties of this sunshine colored fruit. From a mix of small ping-pong sized ones to large ones weighing over a kilo, each has a unique aroma and taste.

While the mangoes start making an appearance from mid-April but it is only in the early week of May that the star varieties make their entry in markets across the country. And the mango season lasts until the end of June and even early August in some regions.

So this summer, take a gastronomic journey across the various states and check out some of the delicious varieties of mangoes.

Alphonso or Hapus


The most expensive variety of mango, Alphonso is also known as Hapus in India. Ripen to perfect golden with just the right amount of firmness, alphonso will always keep you asking for more. This variety is popular worldwide and mostly grown in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

  • Best way to eat: Alphonso is a perfect choice to make aamras for your summer dessert craving.
  • Season: May to June

Imam Pasand or Himayat

The trails of mango mania imam pasand

Imam Pasand seems to be a Nawabi name but comes from Southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This variety doesn’t stay long in the market. A bite into this variety reveals a tangy outer layer with a hidden sweet layer inside.

  • Best way to eat: Imam Pasand is a perfect choice to prepare some shrikhand and enjoy your summer.
  • Season: Mid-May to mid-June



Vibrant yellow-to-orange with a smooth skin look and almost no fibers at all defines neelam appropriately. These are the tiny variety of mangoes not meant to be cut but relished in totality after making a small cut on either side. This variety is widely loved and grown in Odisha, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

  • Best way to eat: Mango mousse and ice-cream is a perfect choice to make with neelam mango.
  • Season: May to July



The greenish-yellow mango which does not turn golden even after ripening i is found mostly in North India. The variety is characterized by its thin skin and thick pulp which is both sweet and bit sour. Grown mostly in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Punjab and Uttarakhand this variety is definitely a must try in summer.

  • Best way to eat: Do try making aam ka murabba with this variety of mango.
  • Season: Mid July to August



The name itself defines the beauty of this delicious variety of mango. The reddish color on top and elongated shape make it a favorite of mango lovers. Extremely juicy and pulpy, this variety is said to be the tastiest mango grown in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

  • Best way to eat: Sindoora is an ideal choice for making mango shakes as the pulp has a good yellow color. 
  • Season: May to June

Now, how about heading for a mango trail and setting taste of each of these wonderful varieties.  


    • The another variety of mango named FAJLI grown in West Bengal which is sweet, fleshy and big in size. One should try this variety in summer time in India

  1. “Dushehari” is another famous Indian mango which is abundantly available in Uttar Pradesh. The quality of mango is good, in fact it is alfanso of common man.

  2. Hem sagar is most popular mango and tasty also, it price has very cheap, so that all rich or poor enjoy with this mango

    • Bangena palli is the one of the favourite type of mango in south india & mostly available in andhra pradesh, tamilnadu,telengana.

      It is very good to eat by cutting of it.


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