The mystical lake with Floating Islands


India is a country full of alluring destinations and so are the North-Eastern states. The Northeast of India is a region full of wonderful destination, baffling forests, pristine lakes and peaceful monasteries. Amongst the several beautiful pearls of Northeast, Loktak Lake is one such pearl which can never go unnoticed while exploring the splendour of the stunning state of Manipur.

Loktak Lake is located in the state of Manipur and known as the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. It is also identified as the floating lake of the World, because of the Phumdis. These Phumdis are big, spongy, saucer-shaped hunks of vegetation and soil with the mass lying below the waterline. These natural Phumdis are truly remarkable both in size and population, they are many and shifting. Yes, they keep on changing their size and move across the Lake during different seasons of the year.

Keibul Lamjao

People of Manipur are socially and economically very much dependent on Loktak Lake. In fact, this lake is referred as the lifeline of Manipur and more than 4000 people live, eat and work on these floating islands. The Phumdi are also home to the World’s only floating National Park, Keibul Lamjao, which is created to save the desperately endangered Dancing deer of Manipur, Sangai which lives only on these Phumdi and nowhere else.

Loktak Lake: The Mystical Lake with Floating Islands

Loktak Lake witnesses a rich biodiversity with 233 species of aquatic plants. More than a hundred species of birds sustain on these Lake and 425 species including rare animals like the Indian Python, Barking deer, and Sambhar has their home in these Phumdis.

This lake is an amazing destination to spend some time on these unbelievable floating islands which are truly impeccable can be a different realm of natural beauty. Visit the park is ideal between 6.OO AM to 10.00 AM when the Sangai deer comes out to feed in herds.

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