RailYatri.in Launches RailRadar™ Hotspots – Track Live Disruption Alerts on a Google Map


Indian Railways is the world’s most complex rail network. A seemingly trivial incident at one corner of India can ultimately bring the country-wide network down on its knees through a series of chain reactions or domino effect. Most of the time, the passengers get to know of these resultant train cancellations or delays at the eleventh hour. Even if prior notifications are made, by the time the news filters through press releases, the passenger is probably already in the station. So a service that brings together news of impacting events, and tells the passenger about the radius of train network under impact, was much-needed. We at RailYatri.in too felt the rousing demand and our response is RailRadar Hotspots – India’s first live tracker of events/incidents which have the potential to impact train networks across the country.

Over the last decade, train network and traffic in India have grown tremendously. Indian Railways expects this trend to continue over the next few decades. Also, Indian Railways passengers of today want to know more – beyond just ‘an’ ETA of ‘a’ train at ‘a’ station. As the volume and complexity of information increases – we believe that new methods of information dissemination will be required. We believe that value of information/directions can greatly be enhanced when presented graphically rather than just plain text. RailRadar™ HotSpots is one such representation of information dissemination mechanism associated with events which can significantly impact train travel in India.

Our research group have identified some significant spots from across India, where the maximum number of potentially travel-impacting events/incidents takes place. These spots, termed as hotspots, will be monitored daily by us for news of any unusual rush events/gatherings of large number of people/ natural calamities/ planned engineering and maintenance work. In short, we will track down events with a potential to affect the running of trains in and around the hotspot.

To use RailRadar Hotspots, travellers simply have to visit www.railradar.railyatri.in and search for a train either by name or number, and find the train marked on the map. Clicking on that train would tell them if their train is expected to cross through any of the known HotSpots. Apart from searching by trains, travellers can also search by hotspots (by clicking the HotSpot pin icons to see more details about them), or by stations (by searching and selecting a station from the search box). A few days before your travel, we would advise you to periodically check out the RailRadar™ HotSpots website for any adverse events/incidents which may be happening on the concerned travel route or destination.

Starting today, RailRadar will be available at www.railradar.railyatri.in. Here’s hoping for a smoother travel experience for Rail Passengers in India.

Download the RailYatri train app today and be a smart traveler.


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