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Maitree Express: All you need to know about this train to Bangladesh

Started on 14 April, 2008 Maitree Express is much more than just a token of friendship between India and Bangladesh. Though officially separated after the 1947 Partition, the countries have never actually shed their common chords. There is too much binding the countries together; the language, culture, food habits and the much popular Hilsa. Many Indians have their ancestral homes in Bangladesh and many still take that nostalgic journey to Bangladesh far too often. All this makes the Maitree Express much more than just a train. It is a medium that connects family members, friends and acquaintances. Just visit the end terminus of this train, and you can feel this bond among people. However, to ease this cross border journey aboard the Maitree Express keep the below mentioned information in mind.

Maitree Express Train Schedule

Maitree Express

The train runs six days a week, from the Indian and Bangladeshi end, with no trains available on Thursdays.

From Bangladesh (Dhaka Cantonment to Kolkata)

  • 13107 – Sunday and Friday
  • 13110 – Monday and Wednesday

From India (Kolkata to Dhaka Cantonment)

  • 13108 – Saturday and Monday
  • 13109 – Tuesday and Friday

Other Facts

  • Departure Time from Kolkata: 7:10 AM (on all days)
  • Probable Platform for Departure: 1
  • Tip: Reach the Kolkata (Chitpur) station before 5 AM, as there is a two hour document verification procedure that each passenger must undergo. Manage your timings accordingly.

Procedure for Ticket Booking

Maitree Express

All bookings for the Maitree Express have to be done physically as online booking facility is not available for this train. To book tickets look through the below given details:

For Indian Citizens

  • Advance Ticket Booking: All tickets for the train need to be booked one month prior to the date of journey, this is due to certain background checks and rush for seats in the train.
  • Reservation Forms: Reservation forms are distributed, on a first come first serve basis, at the Kolkata (Chitpur) station Counter #4 from 5:30 PM (evening).
  • Documents Required: While seeking ticket booking for the train, one should carry valid Passport and Visa. Without Visa stamping on Passport, passenger will not be issued tickets.
  • Days and timing of Bookings: Tickets for the Maitree Express can be booked on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 6-10 PM at Kolkata (Chitpur) railway station main reservation office, Counter #4.
  • Ticket Fare for various Classes: Rs. 1400 for AC First Class, Rs. 845 for AC Chair Car, Rs. 540 for Second Class Chair Car.

For Foreign Nationals

  • Ticket Booking Venue: All tickets for the foreign nationals need to be physically booked from International Ticket Booking Counter at 17, Netaji Subhash Road, Kolkata.
  • Applicable Currency for Bookings: All the tickets booked would be done against money paid in Indian currency.

Along the Route

Maitree Express

  • No. of Stops: 1 (1 hour 30 minutes halt at Gede)
  • Travel Time: 10-11 hours
  • Checkpoints: Documents such as Passport, Visa and Tickets are checked at Gede and then on arrival at Dhaka Cantonment.


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16 thoughts on “Maitree Express: All you need to know about this train to Bangladesh

  1. Shuvashish Saha

    Hello RailYatri,
    I am Bangladeshi National. I shall come to Kolkata by road (Haridaspur). While returning I want to return by Train.

    Is it possible to come in one check point and exit through other check point?

    If yes, is there any procedure? Please note that in my visa both checkpoint name is written.
    Please help me with your valuable information.

    1. Babu Sarkar

      Yes, it is possible. But you have to explain why you have you have changed your entry and exit point and possibly a bit of investigation at the border.

  2. imtiaz

    My visa mention the port is Air/Haridashpur, in this case can I use Maitree express. I am Bangkadeshi & my visa tipe is Business Multiple entry.


    I heard now traveling between India & Bangladesh and vice versa has become easy. Now customs and immigration clearances are done at departing stations which is much easier than earlier.
    Please comment on above and inform how much is total travel time between two cities.

  4. Sawon Sarkar

    HI ALL!

  5. Uttam Kumar Mandal

    I am Uttam. I shall go to bed on 10 the Aug and will return on 15th August. Can I purchase my return tickets from Kolkata? If possible how and where!

  6. Rana

    Hello. In this article you have said, that Maitree Express runs 4 days from Kolkata to Dhaka and 4 days from Dhaka to Kolkata. But from railway website, I came to know it runs only two days i.e from Kolkata to Dhaka on Tuesdays and Fridays and from Dhaka to Kolkata on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So I think this article should be updated.

    1. RailYatri

      Hi Mr Rana, hope you are doing well. Well the India Railway always change its Time-table etc. So it may have changed the Time-Table of Maitree Express. We will also update it soon. Thanks


    Hi I’m a foreign national, planning to go from Kolkatha to Dakha by train, is it possible to do the Visa On Arrival using this way of transportation? or do I have to get my Bangladesh visa done first? many thanks


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