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Patnitop tourism

By Ranjani Sastry

Ever wondered how the “Heaven on Earth” looks from the skies above? If you are looking for some adrenaline pumping moments and a feast for the eyes then Patnitop offers all these and much more! The Himalayan getaway of Patnitop is a feast for the eyes. Lined with those gorgeous Pine trees and set at the foot of Shivalik mountain range; Patnitop is a quaint little hamlet whose beauty is amplified by the silently flowing Chenab River. Etymologically speaking, Patnitop was derived from ‘Patan Da Talab’ meaning ‘Pond of the Princess’. Patnitop is also one of the first human settlement sites in India!

Apart from its rich history, Patnitop tourism has flourished in the recent years due to the abundance of adventure sports scopes. The thick covering of snow, all through the year, has made Patnitop an ideal destination for some amateur skiing and snowboarding! But the scopes are not limited to that, you can also soar high among the clouds and get a bird’s eye view of Kashmir valley with aero sports facilities. It is no wonder than that many tourists are preferring to couple Patnitop with their holy Darshan at the Vaishno Devi temple. If you are planning a high octane trip to Jammu & Kashmir, then below is a package you might like.



Adventure Sports at Patnitop


Patnitop Paragliding

If you want to soar in the clouds of Patnitop then head straight to the Billoo Di Powri point in Dawariyai (about 2 KM away from Patnitop along the Patnitop-Sansar road). There are paragliding trips organized at this venue. Each session spans between 15 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the wind speed and weather conditions). Just before you start gliding through the clouds, there are some safety instructions imparted to the tourists. A paragliding session in Patnitop offers majestic views of the western-Himalayas. You take off from Billoo Di Powri and gliding on until reaching picturesque Kud village.

  • Paragliding charges: INR 2000 onwards (per person)
  • Tip: Always partake paragliding sessions from a reputed operator. Such operators not only provide an experienced guide but offer adequate safety precautions too.


Patnitop Skiing

Skiing is one of the prime attractions of Patnitop. The thick covering of snow found in Patnitop all through the year makes it a go to destination for people willing to glide through the snow. Skiing sessions are available at Madhatop (along the Sanasar Road). While the beginners are taught on gentle gradient slopes, experienced skiing enthusiasts can choose a more challenging scenario. All the required skiing equipment can be hired from shops at Madhatop. If you like snowboarding then visit the local shops and hire wooden sledges.

  • Skiing charges: INR 2000 onwards (per person)
  • Session Duration: 3-4 hours

Hot Air Balloon rides


Hot air balloon rides were recently added to the range of adventure sports scopes in Patnitop. The cliffs near Madhatop are filled with many operators offering affordable hot air balloon rides. The ride sessions vary according to the weather conditions (such as wind speed and cloud cover). Hot air balloon rides in Patnitop offer the tourists an exhilarating scope to view the valleys of Kashmir from a height of 3,000 feet! The balloon is steered by an experienced guide, who keeps you well informed with constant narration.


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Patnitop trekking

If you are visiting Patnitop with some trekking intent, then summers are the ideal season. There are mesmerizing trekking routes available from Patnitop. The best trekking route here starts from Patnitop and culminates at the sacred Sudh Mahadev temple. Through this expedition tourists can trek at an altitude of 2500 metres, pass through some scenic hamlets, view the rare Himalayan vultures, visit the Chamunda Mata temple and move past the winding Chenab River. Another impressive trekking trail is along the Sundrani-Jungal Gali-Nagarkot-Sanasar route.

  • Tip: Hire required trekking equipment from Tourism Department shops at Jammu and Kud. You will not be overcharged here.

Other Adventure Sports Scopes

  • Camping in wilderness near Sanasar
  • Parasailing at Madhatop
  • Golfing in 9 holes at Sanasar
  • Nature walks around Patnitop
  • Rock climbing at Sanasar

Tourist attractions near Patnitop



The sleepy little town of Nathatop is situated about 15 KM away from Patnitop. Nathatop is at a higher altitude and most places in this town offer stunning views of the Kishtwar Ranges of the Himalayas as well as the lower level of the Shivalik range. One can easily view peaks such as Brahma Massif, Brahma 1 and 2 from the Nathatop viewpoints. Apart from this, Nathatop also offers a few adventure sports scopes. Nathatop is also a food lover’s heaven, and has its unique list of delicacies. While visiting Nathatop one has to taste delicacies such as Sund Panjeeri, Kalaadi and Khatta Meat.

Naag Temple

Nag Temple

This is the oldest temple in Patnitop. The actual age of the Naag temple is more than 600 years! It is believed that the marriage of Shiva and Parvati was held at the site of this temple. Speaking about the architecture, this is a wooden temple with a Cobra as its presiding deity. Naag temple is visited by thousands of devotees on the occasion of Naag Panchami.



Situated along the Lower Himalayan ranges, Kud is a scenic village nearby Nathatop. If you care to enjoy the beauty of pristine nature then a trip to Kud village should be in your travel itinerary. Apart from its simple life, stunning beauty and welcoming villagers, Kud is also well known for a special type of milk made sweet. And it goes by the name of Patissa. While visiting this village do care to taste some hot Patissa, which melts inside the mouth instantly!

Sudh Mahadev Temple

Sudh Mahadev Temple

This is the oldest Shiva temple in Jammu & Kashmir, and why shouldn’t it be. If the locals are to be believed than the temple was erected some 2800 years ago! There is an interesting legend around this temple, it is believed that Shiva mistakenly hurled his trident at a demon named Sudheet at the site of this temple. When Shiva offered to bring the demon back to life, Sudheet refused. Moved by his words and devotion, Shiva declared that Sudheet would always be paid first reverence at the temple. There is a Shivalinga and Trident (which is supposed to have killed the demon) present at the temple. Before leaving Sudh Mahadev, do visit the flea market on the footsteps of this temple. The market would be ideal for souvenir hunting!



Sanasar is popularly referred to as the “Mini Gulmarg”. Situated about 17 KM away from Patnitop, Sanasar is cup-shaped green meadow that is surrounded by gigantic Conifers. The town gets its name from two small (but scenic) lakes by the names of Sana and Sar, which are a must visit while visiting Sanasar. Of course, Sanasar is filled with many adventure sports scopes such as camping, golfing and nature walks.

So, when are you visiting Patnitop? Choose RailYatri’s Patnitop & Nathatop package and allow us to help you explore these gems of Jammu & Kashmir.



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