5 Trains to Avoid when Travelling to Patna Station

Patna Junction Railway Station

Has the waiting time for passengers increased? The average waiting time for trains across most stations has definitely increased more than it ever was. Indian Railways announces new trains every year, to accommodate the demand for tickets across routes. But the problem is, though the count of trains has increased yet infrastructure has not grown in parity. As a result trains have to wait longer at signals and at various points of the trip, delaying their schedules. When the modern passengers aboard train they expect to reach the destination on time. But that is a far cry from reality!

Train delays are a major cause of concern for the Indian Railways. The organization receives huge number of complaints every day regarding their delayed trains. And this is a cause of concern for Patnaites too. This is why we put a close eye on the train running schedules for Patna Junction. Patna Junction (PNBE) is situated in the capital city of Bihar. It is a station that is connected to most prominent Indian cities and lies between the busy New Delhi – Kolkata route. Apart from Patna Junction, the city has five other major stations – Rajendranagar Terminal, Danapur Terminal, Gulzarbagh Station, Patna Sahib Station and Patliputra Junction. Patna Junction falls in the East Central Railways. But Patna is by far the most visited station in their midst.

When a common person searches for trains between two stations and goes through the Indian Railways time table, there is no way to learn about the tendency for delay of a particular train. But at RailYatri we analyze the average delay of trains to a particular station and thus are able to predict perfectly.

Most Delayed Trains at Patna Junction

Patna Junction Delay of Trains


Rank 5: Shri Ganganar – Howrah Udyan Abha Toofan Express (13008)

This train initiates its journey from the border town of Shri Ganganar in Rajasthan and journeys towards Howrah in West Bengal. The average delay faced by the train in the last 50 days is about 6 hours. Leaving Shri Ganganagar on time, the train arrives at its first 43 stops with minimum delays. The major delays happen between Panki and Govindpuri. Once delayed, the train lags further behind its schedule on the route ahead.

Rank 4: Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus – Jogbani Seemanchal Super Fast Express (12488)

Jogbani Seemanchal Super Fast Express is the fourth entry in our list of delayed trains. The train leaves its source station at Anand Vihar with little delays. On days it leaves Anand Vihar on time it is delayed on route to the next station Ghaziabad. When a train makes a bad start there is hardly any scope for recovery on the busy lines. The train ends up suffering more than 6 hours delay before arriving at Patna Junction. Good news is you can avoid this train and rather book tickets in 12424 – New Delhi – Dibrugarh Town Rajdhani Express (which is 0 minutes late in the last 50 days).

Rank 3: Old Delhi – Alipur Duar Sikkim Mahananda Express (15484)

Heralding from Old Delhi and travelling towards Alipur Duar, the Sikkim Mahananda Express is on the third position in our list of most delayed trains to Patna Junction. The train has arrived more than 6 and half hours late to Patna Junction in the last 50 runs. Mahananda Express leaves its source station at Old Delhi on time or with minimum delay, but it suffers a major delay between Panki and Kanpur Central. A good alternative for passengers along this route would be 22488 – Delhi Anand Vihar – Radhikapur Express. This train has arrived right on time to Patna Junction in the last 50 days.

Rank 2: Bhagalpur – Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus Garib Rath Express (22405)

Occupying the second position in our list of delayed trains is the Bhagalpur – Anand Vihar Garib Rath Express. This train has been on an average more than 5 hours and 30 minutes late to Patna Junction in the last 50 days. Problem with this train is that it leaves source station at a delay of more than 8 hours regularly. Once it is delayed at initiation, the train does not have any chance to make up for such a huge time gap. If you have to travel along this route then the best alternative would be 12335 – Bhagalpur – Mumbai LTT Super Fast Express. This train is about 34 minutes late and thus a better choice.

Rank 1: Anand Vihar Delhi – Kolkata Chitpur Express (13132)

With an average delay time of 10 hours and 20 minutes in the last 50 days, Anand Vihar to Kolkata Chitpur Express makes it to the top position in our list of delayed trains to Patna Junction. This train leaves the Anand Vihar Terminus about 4 hours late and by the time it reaches Mandrak it is already 7 hours late. It keeps on adding time to the journey all along the route. Choose 12392 – New Delhi – Rajgir Shramjeevi Super Fast Express, which has a much better track record (with 40 minutes average delay in last 50 days).

We would strongly advise you to avoid these five trains when travelling to Patna. Research for Average Train Delays for any other station using our website.


  1. You said about alternative train of mahananda express as Delhi radhikapur express which is same train seemanchal express which which runs combines till katihar n birfucates dere wid one portion to radhikapur n other to jogbani..
    N most of da time no delay is shown for the Delhi radhikapur express which is false.

  2. If train no. 12488 is running delay for average 6 hours then why you prefer 22488 for journey saying that its on time.
    Both train run jointly from anand Bihar terminal to Patna then how it will happen.
    Just go through it then reply

  3. How cold you forget The MAGADH EXPRESS, which is not arriving less than 3 hours (Average) delayed for last so many years.

  4. i think this report is not up to date , this is very easy only one train which run on time i.e Rajdhani except it, all run late by 3-10 hrs every days.
    super late train list :-
    Sampoornkaranti,Maghad,Vikramsila, ..ect.

  5. Hahahaha innocence unlimited… In no. 4 train 12488 which you said to avoid and in no. 3 you said alternative of mahananda is 22488.. For your kind information 12488(Seemanchal Exp) and 22488(Seemanchal Exp) are linked trains and they separate after Katihar Junction so how can 22488 reach Patna on time while 12488 being late by 6-10 hour?

  6. I am from Bihar(Nawada) I had to go to Kolkata for exam. I catch toofan express from Patna and I get down Howrah 9 hour late. any way I manage My self but I want to say If any one some urgent work then left for work one day ago.

  7. On this Diwali season, Indian Railway started some special trains for travelers. People can book trains tickets for their routes. Now a days so many portals are offering checking PNR status with prediction also. This may be very beneficial for travelers to check the probability of ticket confirmation.

  8. I will vote for gareeb rath 22405 as the worst train…. it gets delayed by more than 18 hrs…. today’so train will start on next day…


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