Pachmarhi: Exploring the Queen of Satpura

Pachmarhi tourism

By Anjali Singh Deswal

Pachmarhi is a beautiful hill station, nestled in the foot of the Satpura mountain range. Pachmarhi is well known for its lush greenery and scenic landscapes. And taking into account its beauty, the place has been rightly nicknamed as the “Queen of Satpura”. Being the lone hill station in Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi receives a high tourist footfall during the summers. Though Pachmarhi is well known among the Indian travelers for its natural beauty, but the hill station also holds historical and mythological significance. This sleepy town was introduced to the world during the British era. In those days Pachmarhi was a cantonment town and many officers would visit the hill station to escape the grueling heat of Indian summers.

The trend that was started by the British officers, continued after independence and there are apt reasons for that too. Pachmarhi caters to the travel tastes of one and all. Nearby forests of Pachmarhi are teeming with wild animals, the town is bejeweled by some stunning waterfalls and there are many great viewpoints spread across Pachmarhi. So, let us take a trip through Pachmarhi today.


Attractions of Pachmarhi tourism



If you are a sunset lover then you should definitely include Dhoopgarh in your Pachmarhi travel itinerary. This is the highest point in Pachmarhi and offers a panoramic view of the Satpura range. But the tangy tinge during the sunset hours turns this place into a heavenly abode. The cliffs of the Satpura range stare right in front of you and there is absolute peace all around. This is a place where you cannot just stop clicking pictures.

  • Entry charges: INR 200 per car.
  • Tip: The road from Dhoopgarh to Pachmarhi is one of the most beautiful roads of Madhya Pradesh.

Pandava Caves

Pandava Cave

Also known as Aravalem Caves, this is a complex containing five rock cut Buddhist caves. Nestled in the midst of Satpura range, the Pandava Caves have a rich mythological tale associated with it. It is believed that the five Pandava brothers, from Mahabharata fame, spent some time dwelling in these caves during their forest confinement. Later on, during the sixth to tenth centuries, many Buddhist monks used these sandstone caves as their place of meditation. There was a Buddha statue erected by these monks, and you can view this statue standing elegantly even today. The walls and pillars of the cave carry beautiful rock carvings and there is a nice topiary leading the way into the caves.

  • Timings: 7 AM – 7 PM
  • Tip: Best way to reach the cave is to walk from Javtala village (1.5 KM stretch).

Bee Falls

Bee Falls

Pachmarhi is blessed with some beautiful waterfalls. And the most popular among them is Bee Falls. Set against a beautiful backdrop that has lush greenery all around, Bee Falls is a place where you have to just sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature. Feel the fresh hilly breeze while dipping your feet in the cool water of the waterfall. If you care for some adventure sports then there are opportunities for paragliding, trekking and nature walks.

  • Timings: 9 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Trivia: British army officer by the name Captain James Forsyth came across this waterfall while chasing some revolutionaries through the jungle in 1857.


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Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park

If you like wildlife and bird watching then head straight to Satpura National Park. It is an amalgamation of dense forests, ravines, gorges and beautiful sandstone peaks. While you remain enthralled by nature, you can also view a varied collection of wildlife within the forest. Satpura National Park is known for its population of leopards, antelopes, sloth beers, flying squirrels, musk deer, hornbills, peafowl and much more.

  • Safari Timings: 6:30 AM – 11 AM (Morning), 3:30 PM – 5 PM (Evening)
  • Safari Charges: INR 1250 for obtaining entry permit, INR 2100 for Gypsy & Guide
  • Tip: The national park remains closed on Mondays.

Priyadarshini Point

Priyadarshini Point

Pachmarhi, in India, remained a hidden entity until it was discovered by the British Captain James Forsyth in 1857. Like many other Pachmarhi tourism attractions, the Priyadarshini Point was also discovered by Forsyth. He is believed to have stood at this point and foretold the bright future of Pachmarhi as a tourism hotspot. Well, the view from this point justifies his prediction. You get an eagle’s eye view of the entire hill station and all the greenery surrounding it.

Christ Church

Christ Church

Christ Church was built by the British in 1875 and has a fascinating architecture. One of the most striking features of this Church is its ‘sanctum-sanctorum’, which has a hemispherical dome on top with its ribs ending with faces of angels. A rare brass piece can be seen at the Church’s baptismal front. The stained glass panes that adorn the walls of this historic Church were brought from Belgium. Chimes of the bell can be heard from a long distance and it is as old as the Church.

  • Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM (only on Sundays)

Pachmarhi is MP’s pride and a must visit summer destination. So, if you are yet to finalize on your next trip destination, Pachmarhi would be a great choice!


  1. “He is believed to have stood at this point and foretold the bright future of Pachmarhi as a tourism hotspot.” LoL. I think, he just wanted to develop Pachmarhi as a cantonment. Brits obviously found the place agreeable and later on also built a sanitorium; which exists to date. However, the Indian army has converted that into family quarters.


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