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Stations on the Route 1

If you thought of RailYatri as a traditional live train status app or a traditional railways information medium then you are quite wrong. RailYatri does much more than other traditional railways information mediums which are primarily limited to providing information about PNR status, train between two stations, Indian railways time table and arrival and departure of trains. RailYatri provides key insights to passengers which helps them in the decision making process.

There are many decisions rail passengers have to make while on the route. Our app is that capable adviser, presenting the facts and helping speed up the process of decision making. And that too in making the correct decision! When you have the RailYatri app, you will never be lost and will be in command of all rail travel decisions, never repenting over any one of them. Apart from the information you get out of the app, there are certain features which are fun to have – such as the Rail Wisdom.

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This is the age of Wikipedia and overflow of online information sources, where a single click can give you huge information. But one area that has somehow escaped the periphery of this online information surge is Indian Railways. When you are travelling along a route you may stare out of the window and see a station passing by, you will be curious to know – what is this station all about? What is it famous for? Or other related tidbits about the station. This is what you will find in the Rail Wisdom section of our app. It carries crowd sourced information from our huge user base. The information is correct as it was not written by some person completely ignorant of the station. These are rather written by real time travelers, who have good knowledge about the place.


Rail Wisdom Screen 1

Rail Wisdom Screen 2

Rail Wisdom comes in handy when you are travelling to a destination for the first time. You do not know what food is good, or what facilities are available at the station. By reading through the Rail Wisdom for that station you can stay informed.

Now, the big question is how to avail this information? It is simple visit our app and click on Rail Wisdom. Just enter station name and start the search. Next screen that opens will bring you all the Wisdoms posted by our users. Happy reading!



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