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Train ticket in India is still rocket science. With millions trying to book the fast selling train tickets, many still fail to take train journeys just because they could not manage to get confirmed train ticket. And though we might all believe that the world has moved online, booking train ticket online is still a challenge for many. The railway’s dictate is simple: either learn to use the Internet and stay informed about every train or stand in a queue at a railway station counter wasting many precious hours!
But, now you have a friend-in-need with RailYatri’s assisted train ticket booking service. RailYatri helps you book tickets online, and you do not have to be a geek for that!

Why do you need assisted train ticket booking?

The only way to book train ticket Online in India is to have a personal Login with book tickets through IRCTC website/app. However, we realized that a person on an average has 3 minutes to carry out a host of important travel decisions and book his/her choice of train tickets! The person has to fill in his/her source and destination stations, enter the date of journey, search through the train options, look for seat availability, at times search for alternative trains, fill in passenger details and then make the payment to book tickets. Achieving all this within 3 minutes, seems a daunting task, right? Yet, that is what you have to achieve in order to be able to buy a train ticket. And that is where many struggles.

How RailYatri assisted train ticket booking service solves your problem?


Don’t worry about the 3-minute rule: This is why we thought of connecting you to our ticketing experts. With many years of experience (into train ticket booking) they can advise, listen and then book your train ticket within the stipulated time. This is how the burden of multi-tasking which includes train search, seat availability to the payment process, is passed onto the travel experts. All you have to do is pay for your ticket, everything is taken care of by the RailYatri experts.

No login required

While under the usual booking process, you have to sign up and create your account to avail the ticket booking services, RailYatri allows you to use the services without a personal login. All you need is to have a RailYatri app on your phone or you can avail the same service on the RailYatri website( The process is simple and no user-id or passwords is required.

Technology-backed decision making

When there is unending uncertainty with regards to train ticket booking, RailYatri’s data intelligence is a true saviour. We can actually predict which is the best train to get a confirmed ticket(in case only waitlisted tickets are available). The intelligence also tells you which is the best On-Time train on your route, hence you get to choose the best train for your journey.
P.S: Railyatri makes confirmation probability predictions with over 97% accuracy!

Book and Earn

With RailYatri train ticket booking service, you can become a premium customer and avail regular cashbacks along with other offers. Also, you can earn reward points from your travel and use them for great discounts on super amazing travel products.

Easy Cancellations & Transparent Refunds

Besides an easy payment process, cancellation and refund tracking is a child’s play with RailYatri. You just have to type your order id and mobile number to cancel your ticket. Also, get instant and fastest refunds with us along with a completely transparent refund tracking process. After all, your money matters!

Simple train ticket booking process


Open our app or visit our website and click on the “Train Tickets” icon.

Fill in your journey details (Source and Destination, Date of journey) and proceed forward.

A token would be generated. Select an option of calling the agent.

You would need to verify your mobile number for the same. After this, you will be connected to our experts who will hand-hold you at every step of the booking process.

Discuss the journey details with the expert and convey your preferences.

Once all details are finalized, you will be sent a payment link. Once the payment is done, you will receive an SMS/email with your ticket details.

Embrace this new way of ticket booking & we guarantee you would love it!


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