Diwali nostalgia: Munching our traditional snacks can never go old!


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Its Diwali time and everyone must be busy preparing Diwali goodies. But festivals without food in India are always incomplete! Just like every other thing each part of our country has its own traditional food which is prepared exclusively for the festival. While today, the confectioneries might have taken over, but there is still something special in the soft, tempting aromas of the home-made food. Here have a brief look of the range of Diwali traditional food all across from the country:

  • Omapodi: This Tamil version of Bhujiya is a perfect much snack for Diwali evening.



  • Adhirasam: Prepared with sugar, jaggery, cardamom and rice, this tamil treat is a crowning glory during Diwali.



  • Choddo Shaak: Choddo Shaak or fourteen varieties of leafy greens is eaten a day before Kali Puja in West Bengal.



  • Ghugra: This traditional Gujarati pastry can be sweet or savoury. Stuffed with vegetables or dry fruits and khoya, this snack definitely flies off the plate once served.



  • Anarsa: This typical Maharashtra traditional food is prepared from rice and jaggery and is a pure form of deliciousness.



  • Mullu Murukku: The crisp and crackling spirals of murukku made with dal and butter is one of the most loved Diwali snack down south.



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