Do you Know the Most Frequently Visited Cities from Your Station?

Frequently Visited Cities

Plan for Your Travels with Big Data Aided Information

Till now passengers thought that there is no common trend to ticket booking. People travel to all parts of the country from their stations. This is partly true, but a common trend can be observed on closer observation. Though, train travel is based on immediate or planned travel needs, and that depends on passenger’s personal preferences, yet there are some common trends. Yes, there are certain cities that are more frequently than others from any particular station.

RailYatri has observed the ticket booking and travel status across all stations in India and come up with this amazing Insight. Though people might perform random searches for Indian Railways time table, but the PNR status check and train running status are clear markers for travel trends across cities. We have taken these and many other factors to come up with great facts regarding travel between two stations. Backed by these insights, the passengers can make an informed travel decision. Often it is found that tickets to major trains across two cities is not available, this is due to the popularity of travel between these destinations. With this information the passengers, can now look to smaller stations in the proximity to get confirmed tickets.

The chances of planning for a hassle free trip are enhanced with the Most Frequently Visited Cities information at RailYatri website. All you have to do is have a couple of alternative stations in mind. You may find that tickets for train between Mughal Sarai and Howrah are not available, why not try to look for most frequently visited cities from Varanasi and you will find that the popularity of travel between Varanasi and Howrah is low. So, you have higher probability of getting confirmed tickets. Now, you can look for trains between two stations (i.e. Varanasi – Howrah, in this instance).

How to Check Frequently Visited Cities from Your Station of Concern?

Frequently Visited Cities from a Station 1


  • Download the RailYatri app from Google Play Store by using the link: or give a missed call on: 8080809551 or visit RailYatri.
  • On the website there is a tab for “Insights”, click on the tab.

Frequently Visited Cities from a Station 4


  • A page full of options will open up, click on “Most Frequently Visited Cities”.
  • Enter the Station Name or Code, for the station you want to search for, and once done click on “Go”.

The page that opens will contain the percentage of travel between stations.

Now, you know how to research for busy routes from your station. It is a simple process. When coupled with our PNR Confirmation Probability predictor, you can end up getting confirmed tickets to the destination of desire at busiest of times.


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