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Kargil and Drass

Explore the beauty of Kargil and Drass

Protected by the mighty Himalayas and fed by Karste river, Kargil is the most picturesque destination in Kashmir.

Venturing into India's most liveable town - Tezpur

Tezpur: The hidden gem of Assam

By Bhagyashree Pancholy Tezpur, in Sonitpur district of Assam, is situated on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra. Often tagged as one of...

Kargil tourist attractions

Mesmerizing Monasteries of Kargil

Kargil is home to many beautiful Buddhist monasteries. Their presence may seem out of place today...

Trains to Northeast

Amazing facts about trains to the North East

North Eastern India still the least known region in the country. Served by the North Eastern Frontier Railway (NEFR), this region is...

Hornbill Festival 2016

Nagaland’s Festival of Festivals

The annual Hornbill Festival held in Nagaland is regarded as the biggest cultural celebration of the region. ..

Manas National Park

Manas National Park: One park, two nations

A national park, known for its population of Rhino and spread across two countries, Manas is unique is unique in every sense.

Ziro Valley Music Festival

The Leader of all Music Festivals in India: Ziro Valley Music Festival

Ziro Valley Music Festival has become synonymous with Arunachal Pradesh, but did you know there are many marvelous sights which one can...

Tezu tourism

A visit to the Hidden Charms of Tezu

Beyond the much acclaimed Ziro Valley lies the quaint and scenic little town of Tezu. If you want to get back in time and enjoy the...


Guest Bloggers

Aakash Karnani Aakash is a ferroequinologist, born and brought up in Mumbai. He is an engineer by profession and calls himself a foodie who...

Unexplored Arunachal Pradesh

5 Hidden gems along Bhalukpong – Tawang axis

By Bhagyashree Pancholy Hidden from rest of the country, Arunachal Pradesh is nicely jeweled by the mighty Himalayas, forests and rivers....