Stay prepared for a Sudden Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency

Gift your children safety with RailYatri app

On this Mother’s Day, RailYatri would request all mothers to ensure that their sibling is carrying the RailYatri app in the mobile. The app makes your travels safer. Help is close by when the updated version of the app is installed in your mobile.

If you thought that medical emergencies can arise only for passengers with health condition or senior citizens, then you could not be further from reality. Human body is a complex mesh of organs and one can fault at any given time and worst is: without any prior warning. No matter how healthy and fit you are, you have to stay on guard. You never know, a bit of precaution can save you from immense discomfort, especially when you are travelling in trains. Medical help at station is a far cry during emergencies. When health issues strike all you get is first aid support in trains. RailYatri wants to change this scenario, with a bit of information. Information that comes in handy when a medical emergency strikes all of a sudden!


Medical Emergency Feature

Emergency without any fore warning

To explain why anyone and everyone needs to have a backup plan for medical emergency, let me put forward a real life incident. This incident was narrated to me by my close friend, Swati. Swati, an IT professional working in Noida, visited her home town Gwalior for the marriage of her elder sister. As she was involved in an important project at her organization, so she had to take the train back to Delhi just the next day after the marriage reception. In fact she boarded a train after having the sumptuous reception treat. Having spent a fun filled but busy time at the wedding, she was sleepless and tired to the tee.

Knowing Swati closely, I know she is one who does not disappoint many food hawkers too. So, apart from the dinner she might have had some other food on train. Soon her health revolted. She experienced severe ache and vomiting, middle of the night. Her usual digestive medicines did not work. So, a fellow passenger sought help from train officials. After a while, the guard walked in with his usual first aid support in trains. It is astonishing to find that: apart from the usual medicines there is nothing much in terms of first aid medical facilities in train. With deteriorating health, Swati requested the guard to arrange for some medical help. The nearby stations were requested for emergency medical care and a station scheduled to arrive 2 hours later, responded.

For two hours, Swati had to endure pain and anxiety. As she was travelling alone, so it was a lone struggle though the fellow passengers also extended their help from time to time. When the train finally arrived at the desired station, Swati was immediately taken to the nearby Government Hospital. She received medications, and stayed hospitalized for more than 24 hours.

The story could have been whole lot different had Swati installed the updated RailYatri app. With the app’s Medical Emergency feature she would find a probable list of hospitals in the vicinity, saving hours of pain and anxiety. This is why; when you pack your bags for a tour next time, always carry the updated RailYatri app!


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