Small Delights: Perfect therapy for small hunger!

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“When your Bhook-o-meter is high and your destination is nearby.”

Many a times, during your train journeys, you are stuck with a rare dilemma. You are damn hungry and yet you do not want to order a fulsome meal. Why? Because you know a fulsome and caringly prepared meal awaits for you at your house. But then your hunger is so strong that you must have something to pacify it right away.

Let us help you overcome this dilemma with our Small Delights. Yes, we at RailYatri have the uncanny knack of thinking about such problems that the passengers might face during their journeys. And that is why we have integrated not only fulsome meals, but many small delights too in our meals on train menu. By ordering a small delight from us you address both the requirements. You can stay well fed during the remainder of journey and can gorge onto the fulsome meal upon reaching home.

RailYatri Small Delights

RailYatri meals on train services was conceptualized as an overall solution to the food on train problems for millions of train passengers. Today, we are catering delicious and hygienic food to thousands of passengers each day. Unlike many other food services, we not only cater fulsome meals (for lunch or dinner) but also care about your little hunger. And that is why we have plenty of options for snacking as well as light meals. From regional specialties to all-time favorites, our light meals option has it all.

Here are our best picks for such small grubs…

Pav Bhaji

RailYatri food on train

Mumbai’s favorite snacks is now available at RailYatri meals on train menu. And we deliver the yummiest Pav Bhaji you can taste in a train. Our partner restaurants select the softest of breads (Pav) and coat it generously with butter. It is baked over an oven till the bread is perfect. The Bhaji on the other hand is prepared by mashing many seasonal veggies and using a special masala. Served with some onions, this small meal will keep your tummy happy for an hour and more.

Bread Omelet

RailYatri Small Delights

It is the simplest and most popular snack item across India. It has satiated the hunger of millions of Indians for many decades now. As the quality of bread is essential for preparing a delicious bread omelet, that is why we use the best bread in the market. We do not have to tell you, how an omelet is prepared, but yes we do want to tell you that it is prepared in a hygienic kitchen and we even sprinkle some special spices to give the simple dish an extraordinary taste.

Khasta Kachori

RailYatri meals on train

If Western Indians find solace for their small hunger pangs in Pav Bhaji, the North Indians love Khasta Kachori to meet such hunger. Stuffed with a delicious filling, the Kachori is deep fried. It is a perfect hunger therapy that helps you wait for food till you reach the destination. Served with ketchup, Khasta Kachori is your answer to small hunger when you crave for something spicy.

Vada Pav

RailYatri Small Delights

This dish comes straight from the beaches of Mumbai! Nothing fancy about this dish. A soft bread (Pav) is baked slightly and then served with a Vada (deep fried potato) inside. You can think of it as the Indian style Burger. You might order a slightly spicy Vada Pav or one that is non-spicy and our chefs would prepare the dish accordingly. Again, this small delight keeps you well fed for a couple of hours at least.

Idli Vada combo

RailYatri food on train

There are people who love the Bombaiyya street food or the North Indian snacks, but there are also food lovers who love South Indian snacks. If you like Idli and Vada along with the delicious chutneys, then our Idli Vada combo is a perfect way to meet your immediate hunger. The combo contains two Idlis and one Vada which is an ideal meal to have before reaching your home.


RailYatri Small Delights

Sandwiches are one of the most popular breakfast items on RailYatri meals on train. But we feel that sandwiches can be a good choice for the scenario you find yourself in. They are delicious, fulsome, but not heavy enough to impact your lunch or dinner time appetite.

Our goal is to keep you healthy and well fed during your journeys. We do not want you to take undue risks by purchasing unhygienic and oily station-side food. So, the next time you feel hungry and want something light, do care to open the RailYatri app and order Small Delights from us.


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