Relive Chhattisgarh’s Historic & Tribal Culture in Kanker

Kanker tourism

By Sanchay Sanyal

While Chhattisgarh is known for its natural beauty and rich historical heritage, Kanker – situated south of Chhattisgarh, is an emblem of this state’s epic culture. With a picturesque tribal backdrop and beautiful waterfalls, this city is popular amongst the religious minded. Kanker turns into a heavenly abode during the tourist months (from November to February). Studded with many gems worth exploring, a trip to Kanker is refreshing.

Tourist attractions of Kanker

Kanker Palace

Kanker Palace

Since the 12th century this lavish palace has served as the royal residence. The palace is still used by the present king Maharaja Aditya Pratap Deo, while other parts have been converted into a hotel. A tour through the palace gives a sneak peek into the life of Kanker’s royalty. Surrounded by tribal villages and forests, this is a scenic setting worth exploring.

  • Charges for the Hotel: Starting from 10,000 per person (Main wing rooms)
  • Must See: Keshkal, town of Kondagaon, Sitanadi wildlife reserve

Charre Marre Waterfall

Charre Marre fall

This zigzag waterfall depicts the untouched natural beauty of Kanker. Before you leave for this picturesque waterfall do care to carry some eatables, extra clothing, and sports shoes. The reason being, if you want to see the true beauty of Charre Marre you have to climb down 300 steps. The place is very quiet and beautiful, far from the busy city life. It will surely rejuvenate your soul and mind.

  • Must See: Valley of Pinjadin
  • Tip: Best time to visit is during the monsoons, but extra caution needs to taken around the waterfall to prevent injuries.

Gadiya Mountains

Gadiya mountains

As history has it, the king of Kandra declared these mountains as his capital and thus it formed a focal point of the region. Gadiya Mountains are the highest mountains of the district and there is a scenic fort within the ranges. The view of Doodh River from the top of the mountain is magnificent.

  • Must See: Jogi Cave, Gadiya fort, top view of Doodh river
  • Trivia: There is a water tank here which never runs out of water.

Malanjkudum Falls

Malanjkudum Falls

Situated 17 km away from Kanker, this is a dream destination to bring out the photographer in you. The merging of mountains and waterfalls with a green covering all around makes the Malanjkudum Falls an ideal getaway. If you love trekking, then this is the perfect destination for you, as the road towards the fall does not have a proper staircase. The lovely pink granite stones scattered in the vicinity increases the beauty of this place.

  • Must See: Neele Gondi point
  • Trivia: Pink granite stones can be seen all around the falls.

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