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Beautiful Lakes on Tracks

Apart from the beauty of its lands, India is also well known for its gorgeous water bodies. The land of the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea among others, India has seas, lakes and rivers that mesmerize the travelers. Though the nation has an elaborate and ever growing airlines network, yet trains are the most preferred mode of transport. If you want to capture and feel the beauty of India, then trains are the best modes of transport. And while you are seated comfortably beside the window in your compartment, you can watch some of the beautiful water-bodies pass by. In this blog we will feature some of the aqua beauties or beautiful water bodies that delight the train passengers.

Waddepally Lake, Warrangal, Telengana

Waddepally Lake

When the train moves from Kazipet Junction towards Warangal your window seat could be a priceless possession. On the left hand side you would witness the Waddepally Lake. This manmade lake was built by Kakatiya Dynasty rulers, at Hanamkonda, for irrigation needs. Today, this lake is one of the key tourist attractions of Warrangal. Sunsets are beautiful at this lake, so if you are crossing by the lake during evening hours have your cameras ready for the perfect shot!

Route: Secunderabad – Vishakhapatnam
Ideal Viewing Time: Evening
Ticket Cost: Rs. 60

Chilika Lake, Ganjam, Odisha

Chilika Lake

If you are travelling from Chennai towards Howrah you can view the magnificent Chilika Lake. When the train crosses small station Khallikote, takes a small turn and moves towards Kalijai you witness the breathtaking view of Chilika Lake. Apart from being the largest salt water lake in Asia, Chilika is also home to dolphins and many rare species of birds. Spread across three districts of Odisha, the lake is known for its beauty and holds a prominent place in Odisha’s travel map. So, when the train turns, your lenses should be open for that great shot!

Route: Chennai – Howrah
Ideal Viewing Time: Early Evening
Ticket Cost: Rs. 50

Palk Strait, Pamban Island, Tamil Nadu

Palk Strait

This is a ride to remember. Surrounded by sea on all sides, moving on a narrow line – the thrill and beauty of this sea ride is second to none. The Pamban Bridge, that connects city of Rameswaram on Pamban Islands with mainland India, stretches across 2 km and the train moves very slow for security reasons. This gives the passengers plenty of time to shoot some memorable shots for their folio. When your train leaves Mandapam have your cameras ready, and if you are passing during the sunset hours you can already have your name enrolled in a photography competition!

Route: Chennai – Rameswaram
Ideal Viewing Time: Sunshine Hours
Ticket Cost: Rs. 150
Dudhsagar Falls, Madgaon, Goa

Dudhsagar Falls

To witness this outstanding beauty by the tracks you have to travel between Belgaum and Madgaon. When the train enters the fortress-like entrance of Castle Rock station get ready to go for that perfect shot. Best view of the mesmerizing Dudhsagar waterfall is from the right hand side window seats. So, take your place early. Dudhsagar is among India’s tallest waterfalls in India and definitely most beautiful with its lush green surroundings. If you are making the journey during the monsoon months (June-July) you have got a bonanza deal. During the monsoon season, the force of water is at its height, often spraying water on the surroundings.

Route: Belgaum – Madgaon
Ideal Viewing Time: Sunshine Hours
Ticket Cost: Rs. 150
Ganges, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi Ganges

If you travelling towards Varanasi from Mughal Sarai you will come across the Dufferin Bridge (renamed as Malviya Bridge). When the train enters this 2 km long bridge, get your lenses ready for the remarkable shot of the ancient Varanasi city. Varanasi, being one of the holiest and ancient cities of India, has some remarkable monuments and its ghats are especially known world over. If you click at the right moment you could have an unobstructed view of the city with its delightful ghats, small boats and temples.

Route: New Delhi – Patna
Ideal Viewing Time: Morning
Ticket Cost: Rs. 150
So, ready to go on these pictorial journeys?


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