National RailYatri Alert System (NRAS) – Simplified!

  • What is NRAS?

National RailYatri Alert System (NRAS) is Travel Information & Advisory Alerting platform tailored to the needs of RailYatris across the nation who use Indian Railways as their mode of transportation.  This alerting system is designed to deliver to the users of Indian Railways, critical travel-related alerts which are customized to their individual location/s, routes, or trains of interest.

  • Why is NRAS important to me?

We believe NRAS can help you in the following scenarios –

  1. You will receive train travel related alerts specific to your location without you having to go and search for it.
  2. If you are traveling, NRAS can help you track and will notify you if any specific alerts   associated with your train or your route are issued.
  3. Get these messages delivered to you while you are on the move using major available mobile-based technologies and interfaces.
  • What are some of the key features of NRAS?
    1. Location-based:Information and alerts are tagged to more than 8000 locations across India.
    2. Early Heads-Up:Receive notification hours in advance whenever an information/event is notified or forecasted.
    3. Mobile:Customized for information delivery on Mobiles.
    4. Simple:Notifications are given in simple, one screen interface. No boring press releases to read.
    5. Customizable:User specifies the location/trains/routes and the type of alerts they want to receive.
    6. Real-time: Alerts arrive within seconds of their verification and confirmation.Comprehensive:More than 15 types of Travel Alerts and Advisories collected from above 25 critical travel-related sources.
    7. Always On:NRAS App remains in background monitoring 24 x 7 until it receives a notification.
  • What types of alerts or notifications will I receive using NRAS?

You will receive the following 4 categories of alerts/notifications associated with your Station/Train/Route –

  1. Service Disruptions:Cancellations, Diversions, Terminations, Announced Delays, etc.
  2. External Disruptions: Accidents/Mishaps, Maintenance Work, Rush Advisories, Weather-related, Man-made Disruptions, etc.
  3. Additional Capacity:New Trains, Special Trains, Extra Coaches, Extra Runs, etc.
  4. Announcements:Time Table Changes, New Stoppages, Train Number Changes, etc.

NRAS collects advisories from sources such as Indian Railways, Railway Zones, Weather Department, Tourism Department, Local Civic Authorities

  • How would a typical alert/notification from NRAS look like?

An Alert/Notification from NRAS will look like a SMS/Twitter/Text Message. It will typically show type and time/period of the alert/notification; a simple description along with its applicability. The message will not be more than 200 characters.

Below are samples of alerts as to how it would look on a Mobile Web and an Android Phone.

  • Who should use NRAS?

If you are a daily/regular commuter on Indian Railways, you can configure NRAS to receive any alerts/notifications associated with your Station/s or Trains or Commute Route of interest.

If you plan to make a make a specific trip using Indian Railways in the next few months, you can configure NRAS to receive alerts/notifications as per your PNR or train of interest.

NRAS is also a great tool to keep in touch with train travel related updates associated with a group of stations across the country.


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