India gets its first Travel Medical Emergency Facilitator on Mobile

Medical Emergency

RailYatri brings medical information that modern day travellers may need when an emergency arises while on a train journey. Medical Emergency feature will enable the users to check for vital information regarding medical facilities in the vicinity of their location. It is big stride forward towards eliminating the inherent fears for many train travellers.

Healthcare has been a longstanding problem for travellers. Thousands of medical emergencies arise during train journeys in India yet no one has really thought about solving the problem. It is heartbreaking to see the loved ones suffering due to lack of information and facilities. Now, it’s time to take charge of your and your loved ones’ health during a journey.

The RailYatri app considers location of the user and provides list of healthcare facilities at the upcoming stations. The information provided through the app is not just limited to hospital names, but also provides direction from station, contact numbers of hospitals and ambulance services one might require during an emergency.

Usually, if an emergency arises on a train, the patient has to suffer a lot due to lack of information and proper facilities at the right time. This is largely due to the over-dependence on authorities and lack of route specific healthcare information.

Just a few days ago, 73 year old father of a Bangalore based software engineer suffered breathing problems on the train. The fellow passengers quickly informed the authorities about the medical emergency, and help was sought from the upcoming station. A station located at about 1 hours’ distance responded. The patient was left struggling and the accompanying family members were helpless. When the station arrived, the patient was stretchered off and taken straight to a government hospital nearby, only to find that the hospital did not have any attending cardiologist. So, the patient had to be shifted to another facility further away. By now, he was lying nearly unconscious. Good thing was the patient survived the ordeal.

But not everyone is lucky; many lives are lost due to such chaos. The situation could have been very different if the person had information about nearby stations, healthcare facilities and their contact numbers. A lot of time and pain could have been prevented. RailYatri app provides the users the power of such information, essential during a medical emergency, with this feature. So, a word of advice – elderly travellers or travellers with a medical condition must travel with RailYatri app on their mobile.

Highlights of Medical Emergency Feature

  • Considers the location of the patient/train
  • Automatically provides list of healthcare facilities and ambulance assistance
  • Directions from the nearest station
  • Contact details of the hospitals
  • Details of the facilities at the hospitals

Medical Emergency Steps



Medical Emergency 2

Keeping in mind the troubled state of a user’s mind, in case of a medical emergency, the flow of the feature is kept really simple.

Medical Emergency feature is available on the latest Android version of the RailYatri app. So, download or upgrade the app to pack safety for your near and dear ones.



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