Children’s Day: A trip of India through its books


Childhood is the best time to get buried in books. That is the time when you actually believe in fairy tales, talking animals and the unending magical world of imagination. These stories not only fed our brains with crazy imagination but also painted a vivid picture of our country. Tucked deep in the heart of every Indian, these timeless classics have always been our favourite.

So this Children’s Day, let us take you back to the era of storybooks which helped us wake up and lulled us to sleep. Here’s a look at some of them.

Malgudi Days

Dipped in simplicity and wit, Malgudi Days is a collection of amazing short stories. The quaint town of Malgudi on the banks of the river Sarayu and the humorous tales of various characters in the book takes us back to a hilarious roller coaster ride.

Night Train at Deoli

A collection of 30 simple and thought-provoking stories, Ruskin Bond has beautifully brought out the simplicity of childhood and youth. Filled with the magic of life and tales of the author’s native place, ‘Night train to Deoli’ will definitely transport you to the forests and hills of Dehradun and Mussoorie.

Panchatantra Tales

The tales of Panchatantra are 400-year-old. The talking animals here taught us many valuable lessons of life. Colorful illustrations and simple language made this book a classic of all times.

Adventures of Tenali Raman

The cute little poet and his stories filled with wit and wisdom have a special place in our books list. Tenali Raman was a poet in the court of Vijayanagara, Andhra Pradesh and was known for his extraordinary brilliance and wit.

The Jungle Book

Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo are all characters as enchanting as the story of this book. Mowgli has driven every one of us crazy in our childhood days and his adventurous tales were not only mesmerizing but has also taught many valuable life lessons. The beauty of India’s Jungles drove us to an adventurous ride to the world of Mowgli and his peers.

Swami and Friends

The adventures of Swami and his friends bring out that ‘Bachpan’, silently hidden somewhere in our hearts. The heartwarming stories of this book and the adventures of Swami and his friends are set somewhere in the sleepy little town of Malgudi.

Adventures of Sheikh Chilli

The humorous tales of Sheikh Chilli and his adventures have been our all-time favourite. The classic description of his adventure tales while travelling and the witty humour associated, never let us get bored.

Baital Pachisi

Baital Pachisi-blog
This book has been one of the fascinating books of all times. The storytelling sessions between King Vikram and the Vampire(Baital) in the jungle, was not only amusing but also was filled with horror, wisdom and judgment.


Having delightful characters like Kaalia, faint-hearted Shikari Shambhu, Tantri the Mantri, Tinkle us took us in its own entertaining world along with instilling morals at the same time. It was also popular for its puzzles and contests.

Diamond Comics

Diamond Comics
Who doesn’t remember Chacha Choudhary with his glorious moustache and tag-along bodyguard from Jupiter? Famous cartoonist Pran also created brilliant cartoons like Daboo, Pinki and action figures like Mahabali Shaka. All these characters were bold, brave and were the epitome of joy and courage.

Despite the fact that we have graduated from vibrant animations and clever rhymes to sophisticated literature, we can’t deny our – forever faithfulness – to these childhood stories. Indeed, these tales taught us that life is joyful, simple, sorted and adorable!

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