Food delights of Bhopal, you cannot afford to miss!

Bhopal food guide

By Anjali Singh Deswal

Bhopal offers quite a contrasting blend of flavors when it comes to food. The widespread Mughal influence on the city can be easily experienced in Bhopal food delicacies too. The Mughlai platter is a specialty about food in Bhopal. Most famous food of Bhopal (and an unique invention) is of course their Poha Jalebi, that you cannot to afford to miss while in the city. The modern day Bhopal has something to sooth every taste-bud. So, we have listed out the heritage eateries that Bhopali foodies swear by and take pride in.


Poha Jalebi at Kalyan Singh Swad Bhandar

Poha Jalebi photo

Breakfast in Bhopal is incomplete without a round of Poha-jalebi, which offers an interesting mix of flavors, both sweet and salty. And Kalyan Singh Swad Bhandar offers the best variety of Poha Jalebi in Bhopal. The dish remains moist on the inside and the sev on the top gives it the crunchy feel. It is topped with coriander and similar garnish. You can couple it with Bhopal’s popular Suleimani chai, to give yourself a perfect Bhopali breakfast.

  • Timings: 7 AM – 5 PM
  • Nearby: Jama Masjid
  • Tip: The peak hours are between 8 – 9 AM, so try to visit before 8 AM.

Snacks at Raju Tea Stall

Bhopal snacks

Raju Tea Stall in Bhopal, also known as Fareed Bhai ki chai ki dukaan, has been serving tea to citizens for 30 years now. Situated at Peer Gate Area, it remains crowded by locals and tourists alike. The stall serves freshly brewed aromatic chai along with some fresh jalebi and samosa. The place is extremely light on your pocket and remains packed in the mornings.

  • Timings: 6 AM – 12 PM
  • Nearby: Peer Gate Area
  • Must try: Bread pakora, Kachori and Mungora
  • Tip: There are no seating spaces here, so a good idea would be to park your vehicle close to the stall and savor the breakfast inside your car.

Special Thali at Manohar Dairy & Restaurant

Bhopal Thali

Manohar Dairy & Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes ranging from Bhopal street food delights such as curries, Chinese (the Indian version of it), South Indian and loads of sweets to bite in to. The special thali served at this restaurant is a must taste, as it offers you all the famous food of Bhopal compressed into one thali. Once you are done tasting the thali, indulge in some rasmalai or gulab jamun after lunch to complete your meal here.

  • Timings: 8 AM – 10:30 PM
  • Nearby: Alpana Cineplex
  • Must try: Kadi pakoda, Chole bathure, Chole puri, Puri bhaji halwa and Chaat.
  • Tip: This place is for a regular foodie, who wants variety and lots of it, along with an affordable pricing.

Mughlai Delicacies at Shahnama

Shahnama Bhopal

Situated at Jehan Numa Palace, Shahnama is a legacy more than a restaurant and has been a hub for Bhopal foodies for many years. This place is high-end and offers authentic Mughlai cuisine and Indian delicacies such as Kebabs, Curries, Biryanis and more. There is a soothing ambiance about this place, with luxury seating arrangements and live ghazal shows to be enjoyed while you eat. But before you venture inside make sure you are ready to gorge on a fulsome meal, as they have an elaborate buffet arranged for the guests.

  • Timings: 7 AM – 11 PM
  • Nearby: Hotel Jehan Numa Palace
  • Must try: Dungar ghosht kebab, Reshami murg tikka, Malai broccoli, Dal Shahnama, Mirch baigan ka saalan, Tamatar shorba, Chukandar ka halwa.
  • Tip: Prior reservations are recommended if you are visiting the restaurant on weekends.

Multi-cuisine experience at Noor Us Sabah

Noor Us Sabah

Noor Us Sabah is a heritage hotel that gives a glimpse into the lives of the Nawabs. There are three branches of Noor Us Sabah in Bhopal and each one has their own specialties. First one goes by the name Dynasty and is renowned for its authentic Chinese, Burmese, Thai and Japanese cuisines. Second is Marble Arch, that is known for its Indian and continental delicacies. Zaika, is the third outlet, and serves the most delicious non-veg platter in town. Zaika is known for its signature dish – Dum pukht gosht biryani.

  • Timings: 7 AM – 11 PM (Zaika operates between 12 noon – 11 PM)
  • Must try at Marble Arch: Aaj ki sabzi, Murg-mirchi ki nazakat, Gosht banjara
  • Must try at Zaika: Kebabs, Tandoori chicken, fish delicacies, Double ka meetha
  • Tip: All three restaurants are a part of the Noor Us Sabah Palace, a star property in the city.


Garden Fresh Preparations at Under the Jamun Tree

non-veg food Bhopal

Under the Jamun Tree is a haven for all non-veg food in Bhopal lovers. Their tandoor keeps burning all through the night and the restaurant is particularly famous for its chicken, mutton and fish delicacies. All the vegetables used in their preparations are grown in their own garden and plucked fresh. This makes their salads so famous. The staff will bet that no two dishes would ever taste the same as they are prepared in different gravies with fresh ingredients.

  • Timings: 7 PM – 11 PM
  • Must try: Tandoori dishes
  • Nearby: Van Vihar
  • Tip: The restaurant has open air seating, which mingles perfectly with the lush green surroundings and the great meal to gift you a perfect evening out.


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