Bhawna Kothari

Bhawna’s love for writing simply drives her through. Sometimes serious, other times wacky and then being dramatically poetic on just any other day, Bhawna is experimental with her writings. Hailing from a communication background, she incorporates a careful study at both flips of the coin which according to her is essentially required to be analytical in thoughts and words. Actively abreast of the current affairs around the globe, she likes knowing and bringing into light the unexplored. On her experimental trails, trying out writing for travel domain has been one of them and she is enjoying it thoroughly. She comes from this beautiful valley and the ‘Scool Capital of India, Dehradun, and just can’t stop boasting about it, every time. An ambivert, she has a positive zeal of learning something new every time, every moment, be it the cultures, people, cinema or any event happening around. ‘What is learned must be penned down’ keeps her close to her passion for writing and is just vigorously increasing day by day.

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