5 Scenic bus routes of Gujarat, you never knew about!

Bus routes of Gujarat

By Ranjani Sastry

Thought bus travel was a strenuous affair, think again! For, at the end of this blog you would surely have other thoughts. Nature plays with its multiple hues, moods, shapes and curves. And you can enjoy these beautiful lyrics, scripted by nature, while taking a bus journey in Gujarat! Today, we will skip the usual Gujarat tourism hotspots, and take you through some unexplored beauties that capture your imagination while traversing in a private or GSRTC bus. The best part is: this list of scenic routes and places to visit in Gujarat are accessible by the affordable and regular bus services. So, let us turn the keys and heat up the engine, for we are on a long haul here.




Scenic Bus Routes of Gujarat

#1: Saputara to Ahwa (via NH-48)

Saputara to Ahwa

Nestled in the Western Ghats, Saputara has already become a permanent fixture in Gujarat tourism itineraries. But not many of you might have heard of Ahwa, which abundant with natural beauty. With Ahwa travel in mind, board a GSRTC from Saputara main terminus towards Ahwa and you will love what follows next.


Your ride starts from the green terrains of Saputara, whose beauty is often enriched by those small hilly streams. Stare out of the window and you would find one waterfall after the other introducing themselves to you. But as you inch closer to Ahwa you will come across the Ahwa Dang waterfall. The waterfall serves as a small pit stop for the journey, giving you ample time to disembark the bus and take some great photographs of the Ahwa Dang waterfall. While you are still recollecting your memories of the beautiful waterfall, the bus has moved ahead and is now crossing the forested roads beside Purna and Ratanmahal Wildlife Sanctuaries. Get steady, as these twin sanctuaries are known to house many rare bird species, and you never know when one might appear out of the foliage!

  • Estimated travel distance: 43 KM
  • Estimated travel time: 1 hour

#2: Vadodara to Shoolpaneshwar

Vadodara to Shoolpaneshwar

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Palchhi is a must visit when you are in the business like city of Vadodara. Situated in the Western Ghats, this wildlife sanctuary is well known its diverse wildlife population; which are otherwise restricted to the Himalayan regions. You can spot a sloth bear, Indian civet cat, rhesus macaque, leopard, flying squirrel, chital, four-horned antelope, etc. at Shoolpaneshwar. It is believed that the fastest species of leopards in India reside within the forests of Shoolpaneshwar! The best (and most thrilling) way of reaching the wildlife sanctuary is to board a private or GSRTC bus from Vadodara.


Now coming to the thrills of your journey; your bus moves through the crowded roads of Vadodara to reach the outskirts. When you reach Mota Karala village, you would find the Narmada River and its small streams playing hide and seek with your bus. While you are still enjoying this playfulness of Narmada, you find the bus crossing the Rajpipla Road. The road ahead is decorated with arch-like canopy of trees welcoming your bus. The scene is more beautiful than can be put into words! You will have the forests as your companion, in the next part of the journey, until reaching Shoolpaneshwar.

  • Estimated travel distance: 158 KM
  • Estimated travel time: 4 hours
  • Tip: The early morning beauty of this road is truly spellbinding. So, try to plan your trip accordingly.




#3: Bhuj to Dholavira (via Bhuj – Bhachau Highway)

Bhuj to Dholavira

Dholavira is a dream destination for all the history buffs. In the town of Khadirbet lies the important archaeological sites containing ruins from the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. The best way to travel would be using the bus services from Bhuj to Dholavira.


Once you leave behind the city of Bhuj, you can experience the rural beauty of Gujarat. The bus will make its way through many small Gujarat villages and even stop-over at roadside Dhabas, helping you taste some of the Gujarati delicacies. But as you reach near Rapar, the rustic scenery undergoes an amazing transformation. The white sands of Kutch start appearing on the right side and soon the white sand expanse becomes a constant backdrop. You can see white sand wherever you stare. The bus driver, almost reading your mind, stops at the most scenic spot. What’s next, just take out the camera and have a happy clicking time!

  • Estimated travel distance: 210 KM
  • Estimated travel time: 4 hours 30 mins
  • Tip: The beauty of the white sands is multiplied many times over on a full moon night. So, if possible try to plan your trip likewise.


#4: Saputara to Waghai (via NH-360)

Saputara to Waghai

If you are an explorer who likes to tread on unexplored territory then Waghai would be a great destination. Waghai is a small (and scenic) hamlet situated 52 KM away from Saputara hills. Waghai might be well known for its waterfalls and Botanical Garden, but the Dang forests are the real travel magnets. If you want the best Waghai travel experience, then nothing can beat the bus journey from Saputara bus terminus.


Your bus twists and turns on the hilly terrains of Saputara, often moving past small streams, to reach the small town of Chikar. The bus windows, like canvases, show beautiful scenaries. Often the lush green beauty is further enhanced by a equally beautiful lake. As the bus chugs a bit forward your road gets decorated with thick forests. You are now passing by the Dang forest region. Request your fellow passengers to remain silent and just experience those jungle sounds and the song of birds. Passing by the stretch of Dang Forest, the bus stops in front of the Gira Falls. Disembark from the bus and immerse yourself in the beauty of this waterfall.

  • Estimated travel distance: 53 KM
  • Estimated travel time: 1 hour 20 mins




#5: Bhuj to Dhordo (via NH-341)

Bhuj to Dhordo

Each year during the months of November and December, the sleepy little village of Dhordo hosts Rann of Kutch festival. Apart from its white sand stretches, Dhordo also has an international border with Pakistan and the panoramic spot called Kala Dungar. But if you choose to travel on a bus, there are some more beautiful spots you would come across.


In the early part of the journey you get a taste of rural Gujarat’s rustic beauty. But the scenery changes as you close in on Dhordo. Those white salt marshes of Thar Desert start appearing. But hardly do you know then that the biggest surprise (or even star attraction) of this trip is just round the corner. The bus quietly chugs into a roadside check-post at Bhirandiyari, and once the checking is done it stops only a few minutes ahead, why? Well, the street side sign announces the significance of this stop! As you get down from the bus, you would be standing at the exact site where the Tropic of Cancer passes through India! Do care to get down and soak in the “been there” feeling. When the bus starts again, it will take you into an expanse of white sand.

  • Estimated travel distance: 81 KM
  • Estimated travel time: 1 hour 30 mins

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