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Changing foodscape on Rails 1

The changing foodscape on Rails

Did you know: 1980s saw a new trend among passengers. This was the carefree era of food

Indian train toilets

The Saga of Indian Train Toilets

Long train journeys would be unthinkable without the toilets. But did you know, when you are using...

Chennai Metro

Chennai Metro bike rentals: Encouraging passengers to go green

Taking crowded buses, autos or other modes of transport often keeps you waiting at traffic signals...

Chennai railway stations

Chennai railway stations now wear new colours

The walls of a railway station are not something you would like to stare on...

Suvidha Train rules

Some Suvidha Train rules you need to know

Suvidha trains which are meant to be last minute refuge for travelers and they have some special...

Trains to Northeast

Amazing facts about trains to the North East

North Eastern India still the least known region in the country. Served by the North Eastern Frontier...

New ticket booking rules

Railway rules, that you might have missed

More than 9 billion people commute in India using trains of various types. Their destinations may be...

26/11 Mumbai attacks

26/11 Mumbai Attacks: Their lives changed for once and all

Being one of the busiest hubs of India, the CST was a prime target for the terrorists, who entered...

Remote location quota

Decoding the Myths about Remote Location Quota

Remote Location quota is a specific waitlisted ticket quota on an Indian long distance train. It is...

Howrah - Katwa Local

On a food quest in Katwa – Howrah route

The Katwa – Howrah local is also known as the food local by the commuters.