Insights into simplifying train travel
Guru Gobind Singh anniversary

Important Religious Places associated with Guru Gobind Singh’s Life

With only a few hours left before the mega celebrations of 350th Guru Gobind Singh birth anniversary...

Choir groups

The Choir Story from Metropolis

Just like the cakes and puddings, Christmas carols have become an inseparable part of Christmas...

Indian station names

You are still in India!

Let us take you on a tour through some of the railway station names with international flavor.

New ticket booking rules

Railway rules, that you might have missed

More than 9 billion people commute in India using trains of various types. Their destinations may be...

Remote location quota

Decoding the Myths about Remote Location Quota

Remote Location quota is a specific waitlisted ticket quota on an Indian long distance train. It is...

Funny station names

Railway stations with funny animal names

India boasts of many funnily named places and the stations.

Howrah - Katwa Local

On a food quest in Katwa – Howrah route

The Katwa – Howrah local is also known as the food local by the commuters.

UP and Bihar trains

Decoding the Delay Problems for Bihar-Uttar Pradesh Trains

Trains to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are least punctual in terms of their timeliness.

Senior Citizens quota

Decoding senior citizens seat allocation norms

Going by the rule, Senior Citizens should be allocated lower berth seats following the special quota...

RAC Quota rules

A Look through some unknown RAC Ticket rules

Everyone knows what RAC (Reservation Against Cancellations) means, but there are many rules about...